After months of intensive training and a six-week workout, HMS Diamond is ready for action.

The Type 45 Destroyer reportedly received a ‘very satisfactory’ score from the assessors who put the ship through “all-out war, disaster relief and humanitarian evacuations” during Operational Sea Training. The vessel is pictured above in the foreground with HMAS Melbourne during joint operations in the Middle East.

Commanding officer, Cdr Marcus Hember said:

“Of course, I’m very proud of the amazing Type 45 technology in HMS Diamond, but what I’m even more proud of is my amazing team of sailors. To see them flourish in this high tempo training environment has been a great experience and I am confident they are ready for anything.”

According to NavyNews, HMS Diamond is now attached to the JEF M, the UK’s new Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) which is at five days, notice to deploy anywhere in the world. The first JEF deployment will be exercises in the Med this Autumn.

HMS Diamond is a Daring class air defence destroyer built for the Royal Navy. The class are primarily designed for anti-air warfare with the capability to defend against sophisticated targets such as fighter aircraft, drones as well as highly manoeuvrable sea skimming anti-ship missiles travelling at supersonic speeds.The Royal Navy describes the destroyers’ mission as being “to shield the Fleet from air attack”.

Presently the Daring-class destroyers are equipped with a 48-cell A50 Sylver Vertical Launching System allowing for a mix of up-to 48 Aster 15 and 30 missiles.

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Jack William Millen
5 years ago

I thought all Type 45s sailed backwards with their keel in the air, or have I been misguided again?

Toby Parr
5 years ago

No that’s the Type 23… Your worse then the Daily Mail.

5 years ago

Dear Santa,

I am aware that you are incredibly busy preparing for this year’s festivities and like many other people I thought I’d send in my request early.

Could you please provide Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom, Six brand new Type 45 Destroyers to add to our current fleet, preferably without the much publicised propulsion problems.

Santa as your a man of skill and faith I hold great belief that you can deliver on my wish.

Yours Sincerely

D. Cameron.