HMS Duncan has deployed to the Mediterranean to take over as flagship of a major NATO task group.

The destroyer left Portsmouth Naval Base this morning to resume the role after a three-month stint in charge last year.

HMS Duncan will conduct defence engagement activities alongside the UK’s NATO partners and will lead Standing NATO Maritime Group 2.

HMS Duncan will return to her home port later this year. She takes with her an embarked Wildcat helicopter based at RNAS Yeovilton.

Last year, HMS Duncan visited the Ukrainian port of Odessa in the first visit by a Royal Navy ship in eight years.

The Type 45 destroyer was leading NATO’s Standing Maritime Naval Group 2 (SNMG2), ‘providing reassurance and deterrence in the Black Sea’, as well as commanding NATO’s counter migration activity in the Aegean.

The visit followed an announcement by the Defence Secretary that the UK is expanding its training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new military courses on countering threats from snipers, armoured vehicles and mortars.

After that, HMS Duncan headed a NATO task force through one of the largest naval exercises staged in the Black Sea. Breeze 17 was described as the testing naval forces from more than half a dozen nations and their ability to safeguard Black Sea shores and shipping.

According to the Royal Navy:

“Demonstrations culminated with Royal Marines and their Bulgarian counterparts taking down ‘terrorists’ who’d seized a ship in Varna. Elsewhere sailors had to deal with a major fire ravaging a merchantman in port, the illegal trafficking of migrants, and a large-scale rescue of people in distress at sea.

The exercise also allowed Portsmouth-based Duncan to work alongside an old friend, as the Romanian involvement was led by Regele Ferdinand, also known as the former Type 22 frigate HMS Coventry.”

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Is it just me that thinks that ship would be so much more attractive if the fwd mast was placed just aft of midships?


Awaiting moderation!why?


Okey dokey.

Levi Goldsteinberg

In one month: HMS Duncan towed back to port following engine breakdown

Andy Crisp



Look at that side profile. You might say I’m biased but frankly the Type 45 is the best looking ship afloat at the moment.

Just to show I’m unbiased I think the Rafale is the best looking jet and the Japanese Type 10 is the best looking tank.


up close its a bit of a dogs breakfast – looks as if it needs half a dozen coats of paint to cover the welds…

From a distance it really is a beauty and you do have to wonder why we need another hull form that is within 2m length of this one.


Paint depends on which manufacturer has the paint scheme for the ship. Some schemes are in my opinion better than others with better coverage and wear.

As with all paint prep is the key. Prep it correctly and the hull looks great. Cut corners and it will look carp. It also does not help if the crew dab paint over existing corrosion without correctly prepping first.

You know what captains are like…you have to look shiny before going into a fight!


I prefer to Dutch De Zeven class even their opv’s look badass compared to the River 2 ships we are building at twice the price.


Close up or at distance HMS Duncan is a fine looking ship. Here are some photos of her during a visit to the Tyne.


great pictures Jack – you have to love that view of tynemouth…


Thanks Pacman27.
Here’s a few more photos of RN ships which have visited the Tyne over the last couple of years.