HMS Queen Elizabeth has taken a major step forward following the delivery of 500 tonnes of fuel for trials last month.

DE&S was responsible for providing fuel for trials. Jason Marshall, Head of the Marine Systems Group said:

“This was a complex evolution to deliver 18 road tanker loads of fuel to the ship across a number of days. Working closely with our industry colleagues in the Aircraft Carrier Alliance and our fuel suppliers we have been able to complete the activity on time to support commissioning of the fuel system.”

It is also understood a boom is now in the water and surrounding the ship.

Crew move aboard in May 2016, sea trials begin in August 2016 and the supercarrier moves to Portsmouth in 2017.

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Ian Hughes

How many litres?

Jony Lemon Jones

About 588,500 litres.

Andrew Colthart

Can I claim the Nectar points for this?

Kevin Wedlock

I wonder how many points they got on their v power card for that

Richard Saunders

Massive waste! They should have just bought the plans to the Nimitz class from the Americans.

UK Defence Journal

I hope that’s a joke.


Why would it be a joke? Wouldnt it be cheaper to just pay them to build it for us? (sorry if its a stupid question I dont have much knowledge in this area)

Trevor Smith

I though the ship was due in Portsmouth in 2016. When did the slippage happen???

Rachael W

I hope we the public get a chance to see her go from Portsmouth in August 2016 for her
Sea Trials… I think it would be well attended event.