Elbit Systems has announced that its subsidiary, Elbit Systems UK Ltd, was awarded an initial contract of circa £10 million and a potential maximum value of £40 million, from the UK Ministry of Defence.

The contract is to provide the MORPHEUS Battlefield Management Application. The initial contract will be performed over a three-year period.

Under the contract Elbit Systems UK will provide the British Army with an operationally proven battle management application for both headquarters and tactical units, based on TORC2 H™, Elbit Systems’ command and control platform that has been delivered to many customers worldwide, including to the Australian Defence Forces as part of its Land 200 Tranche 2 battle management system.

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK, commented:

“We are proud to have been selected by the UK MoD to supply the MORPHEUS BMA providing a valuable capability for the British Army. In doing so we will be bringing Elbit Systems’ operationally proven capability and technological edge into the UK, adapting it for use and delivering it together with our local partners.”

MORPHEUS will be integrated across the Land Environment fleet through two contracts:

MORPHEUS Integration, Design and Certification:
– Platform Integration and Installation design of the EvO Design Lines.
– First of Type (FOT) platform installation and certification for ten platforms.
– Preparation Support for the EvO Operational Field Trials (OFT) and Fielding.

Fielding & Conversion
-Following main gate design approval and field trials F&C will be undertaken to field and convert the agreed land fleet.


  1. Good link up with the Australians again. I do feel that we are at last getting our act together. Oh… and the pun has just dawned on me!

      • Yes. I don’t know. Probably. I think Leopard is nice. But as the Israelis said you wouldn’t want to go to war in one……..

        I flip and flop on tanks. Sometimes I think their day is over. Sometimes I think we need them.

        • I’m firmly in the “need them” camp. In an actual war scenario, you can’t depend on having the sort of air superiority we’ve generally enjoyed since the end of the Cold War. In those circumstances, you want something fast, well armed, and survivable to spearhead your attacks and support the infantry and lighter vehicles. IFVs and APCs aren’t going to cut it, you need that high end fighting ability that an MBT brings

          • Yes. You also have to factor in that air-to-ground doesn’t destroy as many tanks as many believe. I am a disciple of St Barbara so I like my big guns. But I wonder if mini-drone technology might overtake them soon. I wonder if flying anti-tank mines might be developed to compliment ATGM. But we shall see.

          • Also from experience.
            Tavors are nice but the best bullpup on the market right now is still the AUG. It recoils less, is easier to change between right and left hand operation, is more accurate and requires less cleaning and is easier to field strip.
            The advantages the Tavor has is it’s cheaper than the AUG, and has more rail space.
            Both are wonderful rifles but those are my observations from extensive use.

  2. This furthers the opportunity for Israel to become a member of FVEY, with its ME/NE intelligence gathering being second to none.
    It’s likely we already have intelligence sharing between Tel Aviv and London/GCHQ, to a lesser degree.

    It was suggested France becomes a member, but I sense this would be a wrong move.

    • It would be nice. I think they will get away with buying software. And they can hide a few missiles. But 300 MBT’s would attract too much attention I think. 🙂


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