Lockheed Martin say they have successfully tested their next-generation Extended-Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (ER GMLRS) munition in an 80-kilometre flight demonstration at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

During the flight test, the ER GMLRS round was fired from the U.S. Army’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launcher, built by Lockheed Martin, meeting test objectives.

According to a company news release:

“Our new Extended-Range GMLRS significantly increases the range of the current system, offering the choice of munitions for longer distances and improving options with the same reliability and accuracy our customers have come to expect,” said Gaylia Campbell, vice president of Precision Fires and Combat Maneuver Systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

“Our team is dedicated to conducting extensive developmental testing as part of our discipline to assure mission success for the U.S. Army with more flexibility for multi-domain operations.”

The firm add that the demonstration confirmed the missile’s flight trajectory performance, range and validated interfaces with the HIMARS launcher and system software performance.

Lockheed Martin has produced more than 50,000 GMLRS rounds and is under contract to produce more than 9,000 new GMLRS unitary and alternative-warhead rockets, more than 1,800 low-cost reduced-range practice rockets and integrated logistics support for the U.S. Army and international customers. The systems are produced at its Precision Fires Center of Excellence in Camden, Arkansas.

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James Fennell

This is what the RA needs, along with loitering munitions and armed drones. Not field guns.

Daniele Mandelli

I’d argue we actually need both. The RA should be no1 priority in this review, as it is a mess, quite frankly.

James Fennell

I agree with you on RA. In addition to long range fires air defence is painfully inadequate, which in an era of swarming drones and loitering munitions, with no guarantees of air dominance is suicidal for ground forces. Starstreak and Sky Sabre are good systems, but short on range and so few of them. A longer ranged BMD capable missile (CAMM ER anyone) to complement as part of a networked system and anti-drone / swarming systems (electronic attack, directed energy as well as kinetic) are essemtial. The FH 77 derived Archer, while a fine gun has a range of 24km.… Read more »

Last edited 23 days ago by James Fennell

The Archer uses a 52 cal gun, just like the Caesar and most other SPGs. The standard 155 shell is punched to around 35 using the Bonus base bleed rounds. There are options of multi warhead shells like Bonus which is a replacement for cluster munition. Whilst Excalibur rounds have a range over 60km. At some point these could be replaced by the high velocity projectiles to double the range. My personal vote goes to Archer over Caesar as its more automated. To defend the UK we overly rely on the RAFs quick reaction alert, there is no second line… Read more »

Glass Half Full

I suspect we see L118 and AS90 go away, per the rumours, to be replaced over time with a range of tube and rocket artillery solutions. Perhaps not all of the following, but certainly a range of escalating capability in range and firepower, consisting of Boxer 105mm (as mobile protected firepower for direct and indirect application), Boxer 120mm mortar, Brimstone and SPEAR (perhaps on something as simple as a Milrem THeMIS towed behind rather than directly mounted on a dedicated Boxer or JLTV), Archer 155mm or something with similar critical shoot and scoot performance on HX2 8×8 platform, and wheeled… Read more »

Nate m

what we need is air defence upgrades. get more SAMs, and anti-ballistics defences. as a war with Russia (or any country especially the EU) would mean ballistic warfare.(obviously with no nuclear warhead)

Last edited 54 minutes ago by Nate m

Also known as the 80km sniper. In conjunction with say a Reaper UAV it gives you the ability to really reach out and touch someone who isn’t expecting it!


MLRS was good in its time, this offering would be a good addition to the Stable in terms of accuracy and range, but would be overkill and expensive to use at targets less than 20k out.


Mate from 2006 onwards we were using GMLRS to hit targets up in Sangin, from the Troop of MLRS lads based back in Bastion. Called in quite a few, bit of a wait to be fair, and I always preferred to use the 105mm lads based in the FOB, as they were 24/7 and give them their due, shit hot in their response times and accurate, and they were always quicker, but the GMLRS rocket had quite an effective impact with that shock and awe!!!! We just need more and now to reconfigure the RA and the Armoured lads back… Read more »


AB. Absolutely, first time I saw it fire was probably in the mid to late 80’s when my Regiment was exercising down at the US range in Grafenwoehr and nobody wants to be underneath that when that s**t is coming down. Obviously in the terms of cost and mobility guns are always going to have a part to play. My regt was the arty support during the Falklands and a major part of the Argentines loss of moral was down to accurate artillery fire. I think we were just about out of ammo at end ex.


Watched a group of SF lads use a borrowed 105 from the back of a Chinook. The Chinny landed on a hill and the gun was wheeled out down the ramp. Fired off about 20 shells, then was winched back in and they buggered off. We were providing overwatch for some Canadians, when the Chinny just landed behind us. Nothing on the comms to say it was turning up or what they were about to do. Lets just say the Canadians appreciated the help in not only putting a couple of doors in the walls of some compounds, but also… Read more »

Mark L

There is an article on this on the Janes website, it says that the warhead exploded prematurely. Somthing that the press release does not mention.


When RA got the AS90 155 mm and replace the M109 was it really any better notice still alot of countries with M109 was there much improvement as same size Gun ?


Stupid question coming up but hey its Sunday so why not. Is it possible to have a few battery’s of these as part of the Littoral Strike Ship weapons fit. Very much like the old WW2 rocket armed landing boats. The old RN LCT (R) could bring down 1000 60lbs rockets in a single salvo which was the firepower of 80 Light Cruisers so if we could do something similar with say 36 gmlrs the LSS it could bring down hell on Earth before the RMs go ashore. Apart from the stupid bit I really do think the RA should… Read more »