The Ministry of Defence has donated thousands of unused ration packs – the equivalent of over 14,000 nutritious meals – to FareShare, a charity that distributes food to over 11,000 UK charities, including community groups, homeless hostels and lunch groups for older people.

According to the department, the donation is part of the MoD’s commitment to reducing waste in an environmentally sustainable way when ration packs are unused.

“The meals distributed by FareShare will be given out as part of street outreach for the homeless and to provide relief for those in temporary B&B accommodation where there are limited cooking facilities. The 14,000 Operational Ration Packs were delivered to the FareShare headquarters in Deptford just before Christmas, where they are to be sorted and delivered to charities in need of food donations over the festive period.”

Minister for Defence People and Veterans Johnny Mercer said:

“FareShare does an excellent job of getting proper nutrition to those who need it most, distributing food to thousands of charities around the country. I am proud that our ration pack donation supports their goals whilst reducing unnecessary food waste.”

FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell said:

“We’re delighted to have partnered with MOD to help them get their surplus food and get it to good causes. The ration packs we received last week will be sent to charities across London. Because these packs don’t need refrigeration they are ideal for winter night shelters where volunteers need to make food quickly, or to offer out to families in temporary accommodation who might only have access to a kettle or a hob at Christmas time.”

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Nice of them but in three days time all the pluming will be clogged up lol Merry xmas


A Biscuit Brown Yuletide Log!

Sky Soldier

You too!!


nice of the mod to do this,but whats the betting half end up for sale on some social media site or similar


Or distribution workers have cupboards and under the bed stuffed with them.


So this is what the RAF have been escorting over xmas? Great gesture. Just hope no ancient WW vet don’t die of shock, being confronted with “b******g Maconochie’s!” again.
Preppers & army surplus shops charge a fortune for these.

Stefan Hawkes

Great for Hawkins Logistics to be helping out in this, lovely people to work for.

Jason Holmes

Poor buggers will be bunged up in a few days ! best ration packs you can get though…although I loved the 80s-90’s rations, tinned bacon was awesome


Beans and burgers?…….
My fav


Thought EU rules meant they could not be sold as no best before dates. Also EU rules say food has to go to landfill, that way the EU gets extra funding. Good that they are being used at last.

James M

I’m pretty sure they do come with BBE dates. certainly the actual meal pouches do, and a lot of the accessories are in regular commercial packaging so they will too.


I was SO1 at Bicester responsible, et al, for the bulk stock. That was a few years ago though so ma have seen sense now.

James M

Just checked a few of the spare meals I’ve got from the last ex I was on, they’ve all got a BBE date on the pouch. Not sure about the box as a whole though.


Goos to know they have seen sense. RNSTS victualling Branch used to test before.


Good to know.

Sky Soldier

Do you also refer to them as “M.R.E.”s? We always say that means Meals Refused by Everyone!