2,500 soldiers and 600 vehicles are being deployed to Lithuania using trains, aircraft, ships and convoys.

NATO launched its main annual exercise for the Alliance’s quick reaction force on Wednesday with around 2,500 troops deploying to Lithuania.

Exercise ‘Brilliant Jump’ will test NATO’s logistics and its ability to respond and move NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force quickly in the event of a crisis.

This long-planned annual exercise involves moving elements of our very high readiness ‘Spearhead Force’ to Lithuania in late October and early November“, said NATO Deputy spokesman Piers Cazalet.

“This is a routine exercise to test how well our forces work together and unrelated to developments in Belarus/

Planning for the exercise began in mid-2019 and the manoeuver has been notified to the OSCE, say NATO in a news release.

“The Alliance’s Multinational Corps North-East is overseeing the drill which runs until 6 November. Participating units will then stay in the region to participate in Lithuania’s Iron Wolf exercise before returning to their home countries.”

NATO member states take turns heading NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force which includes some 5,000 to 8,000 soldiers that can be deployed in days. The core of this year’s  high reaction force is Poland’s 21st Podhale Riflemen Brigade, supported by Spanish and Czech units.

The multinational force was ordered into existence in 2014 to respond to the changes in the security environment, including Russia’s illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, say the Alliance.

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Daniele Mandelli

What are the Tanks being transported by rail?

I first thought they looked Russian.


Looks like upgraded T72 variants.

Daniele Mandelli

Poles still operate Russian kit? I assumed, wrongly, that it had all long gone.


Going by Wiki , the polish still have got quite a lot of T72’s.

Daniele Mandelli

Oh! There you are then.


Yup, Polish inventory is roughly 50% NATO, 50% ex-soviet. Makes for some very strange images when you are on exercise and suddenly a force of BMP-1’s, and Leopards show up.

Daniele Mandelli

Yes Dern, it must be weird!

john melling

based on T-72M1 main battle tank plus they have the Leopard 2A4s


Very good timing considering the US could potentially be a mess for the next couple of months.


Couple of months ? The US has been a mess ever since the American people had the audacity to vote for Trump instead of her Royal Highness Hilary Clinton.


Regardless of anyone’s political view, there is a chance of NATO being a bit rudderless if there is civil disruption in America.


what civil disruption?
There are fewer murderers in USA than in South Africa. For the bleedin heart liberals, black lives it seems are valued less in SA, rather than USA.


Civil disruption going on in America has little to do with BLM and more to do with active use of intimidation (armed militiamen at polling stations, numerous court challenges to long established voting rules and practices, fake news, racial incitement etc.) to suppress the vote of perceived Democratic Party jurisdictions (you call it Liberal) being perpetrated and encouraged by fascist anti democratic forces within the Republican Party allied to Donald Trump, a man most certainly unfit to lead the USA. Please refrain from politicized commentary as it detracts from the great content offered here. We can all let our prejudices… Read more »


Spot on Branaboy ,well said.


The political violence made by Democratic party affiliated groups even sometimes allied with gangs. It even included an attack on Republican senators beside ever present intimidation. The attacks against Freedom of Speech. The attacks against Constitution Because that it is now the culture of a Democratic party drifting to radical Marxism, books are burned, words are weaponized, the word women are erased from existence. Institutional and systemic racism exist in Universities – dominated by Democratic party – first against Asians – then against Whites, and the racism of low expectations against Blacks and control what they should thinking.That is not… Read more »


Alex lol Rubbish you seem to forget to mention Trumpski support for the far Right group proud boys rocking up to protesters in pick up trucks and assault Rifles ,far right and far left are just as bad as each other ,but you dont hear Biden trying to fan the flames unlike Trumpski does. As for the death of NATO I think you are just fantasising for it to happen;) .


If you were an American taxpayer no matter who they voted for, or if at all, you might be wondering why German defence spending is 1.3% GDP… !!!
Try engaging brain rather than moaninski nonsenski.


Channelling your inner Guardian readership.

Peter S.

What utter drivel.

Glass Half Full

Exercises like this are fine if we believe NATO would have enough notice prior to a potential conflict breaking out. Problem is that we almost certainly wouldn’t. Russia would never be that obvious at signaling their intent. No massing of heavy tracked armour on borders. They would be likely to use long range rockets and missiles from Russian territory for key targets, air power operating under their IADS to protect their ground assets and attack NATO assets, along with wheeled armour and fires for rapid movement, starting from dispersed locations well inside Russia to avoid triggering a NATO early deployment.… Read more »