The inaugural commander of the United Kingdom’s new Space Command has been announced as Air Commodore Paul Godfrey OBE who will be promoted to the rank of Air Vice-Marshal, say the Royal Air Force.

Space Command will be a Joint Command, staffed from all three Services of the Armed Forces, the Civil Service and key members of the commercial sector at RAF High Wycombe.

According to a news release:

“Air Commodore Godfrey joined the RAF in 1991 and has been a fighter pilot most of his career. A former Station Commander at RAF Lossiemouth, most recently he was responsible for the planning and employment of coalition air and space power across the Middle East within the US Air Force Combined Air and Space Operations Centre.”

General Sir Patrick Sanders, Commander of Strategic Command said:

“The benefits we derive from Space are vital to our economy, our way of life and to our national security.  In particular we rely on space for the military command and control systems, cyber capabilities, communications, and surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities that Strategic Command provides with our partners to defend the UK and our allies. I look forward to Strategic Command, working very closely with the new Space Command to deliver the integration of these capabilities to our Armed Forces as they operate in the air, on the land, at sea and in cyberspace.”

Air Vice-Marshal Harv Smyth, Director Space, said:

“Space, and our assured access to it, is fundamental to military operations.  Loss of, or disruption to, the Space Domain, will impact our ability to undertake the majority of Defence Tasks, and has the potential for significant effect on civilian, commercial and economic activity. The threat from adversaries in this rapidly maturing domain is real and it is here now. If we fail to understand how to operate successfully in the Space Domain through integrated operations, we lose our battle-winning edge. The establishment of a UK Space Command for Defence is a crucial step in our development, and will underpin our ability to understand and operate in Space.”

Air Commodore Paul Godfrey said:

“I am incredibly honoured to be selected to lead the new joint Space Command. Having just returned from a role embedded with the United States military, where I was privileged to be able to plan and direct air and space power in support of coalition operations, I have seen first-hand how critical the Space domain is and how it underpins not only military operations, but broader every day activities. As it becomes ever more congested and contested, it is critical that the UK is integrated in its approach to Space and the formation of this Command will provide a key focal point for this complex operating environment.”

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Andy P

Oh good, another Flag level officer, just what the UK armed forces needs.


At least he is not a Klingon.

Andy P

Due to political correctness, you might find his relief is though. 😉


HMS Galactica anyone 🙂

Seriously though I am guessing that this is at least in part associated with the recent annoucement about the increase in defence spending some of which will go on space.

I am looking forward to seeing more about future capability development for Space Command, especially in light on recent reports of Russia testing an in orbit weapon ASAT weapon.

Cheers CR


I was hoping it would be Donald Trump!

Never mind Mr Godfrey will no doubt be a good back up.


Sir Hubert…


Worth listening to this podcast where the new Air Vice-Marshal is one of the guys driving the discussion. Also pretty frequent on twitter to follow.


I hope that the starship building facility will be sited in mainland England or Wales.

Ian M.

It will HAVE to be on the Clyde……..or ELSE! Jimmy will be miffed!

John Stott

Gosh. Crabs in space. If only.