A Typhoon scrambles to intercept an aircraft. (Credit: Vladimir Korolkov)

Typhoon jets attack armed vehicles in western Iraq

Over Iraq, Typhoon jets have this week bombed an armed vehicle concealed under trees some miles to the south-east of Hit.

Reaper drone assists Syrian rebels in combat near Manbij

Last week, a Reaper patrolled over Manbij, where Syrian rebel forces have cleared Islamic State from much of the town.

Airlander Airship takes flight

The worlds largest aircraft, the Airlander Airship, has left its hangar at RAF Cardington and taken its first flight.

Night ops ‘proceeding well’ with F-35B

The UK's 17 (Reserve) Test and Evaluation Squadron, tasked with operational testing of the F-35B, report that trials for night ops are going well.

WATCH: The F-35 as you’ve never seen before

FLIR Systems captured the F-35 using their FLIR 380-HDc infrared camera at the Farnborough International Air Show, let's have a look at the results.

Images show new Phenom training jets

The Ministry of Defence signed a contract earlier this year for the procurement and support of five Embraer Phenom 100 jets.

Reaper drones assigned to support Iraqi operations

A Reaper observed an Islamic State team setting up a mortar and attacked with a Hellfire.

Britain buys another Zephyr-8 surveillance aircraft

The Ministry of Defence has today announced it has ordered a third Zephyr-8, as part of a £13-million contract with Airbus Defence and Space.

British airstrikes help liberate Manbij

Residents in the Syrian city of Manbij have been celebrating after being liberated from the rule of Islamic State.
ballistic missile defence

Claims Chinese officers ‘spied’ on British ballistic missile radar base

It has been claimed that Chinese officers spent their free time 'spying' on RAF Fylingdales, a radar base part of an early warning system.



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