Reaper drone provides close air support to Iraqi troops

A Reaper drone provided close air support for Iraqi ground forces continuing their offensive to clear Islamic State from the area around Qayyarah.

WATCH: HMS Queen Elizabeth, how will she be used?

What is HMS Queen Elizabeth going to be used for? How will she work? Let's find out.

Typhoon jets, Reapers provide close air support in northern Iraq

A Reaper drone and Typhoon jets were in action over northern Iraq, supporting the Iraqi operations around Qayyarah.

Will the F-35 feature laser weapons?

Lockheed Martin is considering laser weapon concepts for use by the F-35 and other aircraft.

F-35 to debut in Canada

The 2016 Abbotsford International Airshow will host the F-35 in Canada for the very first time.

Expansion of UK facility to enable increased F-35 production

BAE have announced that work has begun on a major expansion of their F-35 production facility in Samlesbury, Lancashire.

Danish jets drop bombs for first time in Syria

For the first time since joining the campaign against Islamic State, Danish F-16 aircraft have dropped bombs in Syria.

F-35B tactics evolve alongside pilots understanding of technology

The US Marines top aviator said F-35B pilots have matured their understanding of the platform to generate new tactics when using the jet.

British jets blitz Islamic State in major push

Over the past week, British combat aircraft have engaged Islamic State heavily from the air. Tornado, Typhoon and Reaper aircraft have all been utilised.

F/A-18C Hornet crashes during training in Nevada, US

The aircraft, an F/A-18C, was about 10 miles southeast of Fallon, Nevada and returning to base when the jet crashed around 10:45 am local time.



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