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Establishing Britain as the European country with the most prominent presence in the region is an ambitious goal but it is not unachievable.
Would the goals of Britain be best served through the deployment of lighter forces?
There is good news and bad news for the British Main Battle Tank fleet.
Since 2016 following on from the NATO Warsaw Summit the British army has continuously deployed an armoured battlegroup to Estonia, known as Operation Cabrit. This is Britain's primary contribution to a wider NATO operation known as the Enhanced Forward Presence...
Options the Royal Navy has for improving the capabilities of the Type 45 Destroyer.
A well established journalist is repeating the claim 'the carriers have no aircraft'.
The deployment also represents Britain’s interest in maintaining a secure Europe.
The sight of a Royal Navy Battle Group 'needs to become the norm', argues Geoffrey Roach.
People often claim that no ships are being built in Scotland or that the orders went overseas - here's the reality.



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