Who controls Trident? A brief look at the operation of Britain’s nuclear weapons

The Trident missile system is housed on the UK's four Vanguard class submarines which form the UK's strategic nuclear missile force.

Why an international ban on the AK47 wouldn’t work

There is a debate as to whether the banning of the AK47 would impact terrorist organisations and reduce the capability of insurgences?

Tube Terror Attack in London: The need to disrupt and destroy ISIS both at...

The attack on Parsons Green tube station in London on the 15th September 2017 with a explosive device detonated on a tube carriage is...

No, Argentina is not spending $2 Billion on military equipment

According to Forecast International, recent reports indicating Argentina plans to purchase $2 billion worth of military equipment are unrealistic. The group say that for the time being, Argentina will have to rely on donations from other countries to fill the gaps in its military capabilities.

Why can’t the US Army augment the police the same way the British Army...

Police militarisation in the United States has seen some police forces in the US as heavily armed as army units anyway. So, why can't the army help out?

The Proxy War against ISIS in the Middle East: Why a Political Solution is...

Russian intervention in the Syrian crisis has caused a fundamental shift in the balance of power in the region, with Russian warplanes such as the TU-22M3 bomber and Su-25 attack aircraft and other sophisticated weapons systems including cruise missiles from its naval assets being used to attack Islamic State targets.  

Aircraft carriers, amphibs ‘mark growth of regional navies’ say analysts

Forecast International say they expect some 80 aircraft carriers and major amphibious warfare ships, valued at $59.37 billion, to be commissioned during the next 10 years.

UK confirms offer of ‘deep security partnership’ with EU post-Brexit

The UK Government has confirmed it has offered to contribute military assets to EU operations, cooperate on sanctions and agree joint positions on foreign policy as part of a 'deep security partnership' with the EU after Brexit.

The ‘Battleship’: Does it have a purpose in the 21st century?

This article explores the role of the Battleship and whether or not the vessel still has a place at sea.

The Kiev class ‘cruiser-carrier’ hybrid – A flawed design or ahead of its time?

The evolution of the Kiev class ‘cruiser-carrier’ hybrid from the days of the soviet union to its current role as an Indian Navy aircraft carrier.



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