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Britain and Sierra Leone – Military Partnership in West Africa

One of Britain's closest partners in Africa, Sierra Leone saw the arrival of British troops to help end a civil war and recently to tackle the Ebola outbreak.

Scotland unable to compete for Royal Navy warship orders if independent confirms Ministry of Defence

Recent claims from politicians that Scotland would be eligible to compete for Royal Navy warship contracts if the country left the UK have been rejected by the Ministry of Defence and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence, Guto Bebb.

What is the ‘virtual shipbuilding strategy’?

As attention turns to the impending release of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the term 'virtual shipbuilding strategy' has gained traction.

How automation will influence the operation of HMS Queen Elizabeth

The highly mechanised weapons handling system aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth is perhaps one of the most complex systems aboard, moving palletised munitions around the vessel to connect the magazines, hangar and flight deck.

Was Trump responsible for cutting the cost of the F-35?

No, it's something that has happened frequently with the F-35 for years now and would have happened again anyway. Even in 2015, Lockheed Martin was following a 'blueprint' to drive down costs.

The UK in the Far East – The Relevance of the British Forces in Brunei

Britain's foothold in the Far East plays an important role for British interests in the region amidst growing tensions over the South China Sea.

Britain was right to sink the Belgrano

"It was absolutely not a war crime. It was an act of war, lamentably legal" said the Belgrano's Captain, Hector Bonzo.

Challenger 2: Compared to the Competition

Challenger 2, aka the FV4034, is the UKs Main Battle Tank (MBT). Other world powers across the globe also use MBTs in their armies. How does it compare?

Why the F-35 is an asset for the UK in coalition warfare

The F-35 will drastically increase the situational awareness of the forces with which it will deploy, giving coalition forces unprecedented capability.

Donald Trump and the UK: implications for the special relationship

On the 9th of November 2016 the world was shocked to realise that businessman and television personality Donald Trump was to be the President of the United States of America.



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