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Is Britain really indirectly supplying Islamic State?

A lot has been made of British arms deals with Saudi Arabia being used to arm Islamic State but is that really what's happening?

France: That other power in the Pacific

In March this year it was reported that France would be sending a Mistral Class amphibious assault vessel to the Pacific to carry out exercises with their Japanese counterparts.

Islamic State in the Philippines

As the war against the Islamic State rages on in Syria and Iraq with their territories contracting, their funds being cut off and the end possibly in sight; ISIS has emerged in a new corner of the world

Five technology trends reveal a new future for defence

Digital change is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, dramatically disrupting industries, touching every aspect of defence organisations.

The Importance of Anti-Submarine Warfare

A key role for any first rate military force is anti-submarine warfare, this is especially true for an island nation.

Why are the Queen Elizabeth class carriers so large?

The Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers will be the largest surface warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy and will represent a significant increase in capability.

The Queen Elizabeth class supercarriers and what could have been: A case of penny pinching?


The Queen Elizabeth class supercarriers, the ships we deserve or the ships that we need?

Terrorism and Social Media – A Deeper Look

Terrorism is one of the biggest challenges facing the globe today, and it has become virtually a daily occurrence in some parts of the world.

No, Trident doesn’t run on Windows XP


Some have claimed that the Vanguard class submarines which carry Trident are vulnerable to cyber-attacks in the same way the recently hit NHS is, that is not the case.

Is the aircraft carrier still dominant today?

Ever since the end of the Second World War, the Aircraft Carrier has been the dominant naval combatant but are they still as dominant today?



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