£178bn Defence Review ‘will boost the Royal Navy’

It has been claimed that the Royal Navy’s effectiveness will be improved thanks to the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Royal Navy sub fires torpedo using new combat system

Royal Navy's newest sub test fires torpedo using £50 million UK-made advanced Combat System.

British forces to take part in Norwegian winter training exercise

Hundreds of UK maritime personnel will take part in a NATO exercise focused on crisis response over the next fortnight.

Minister of State for Defence Procurement Speaks on Trident Successor

As the debate around renewal of the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent program continues, the UK Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Philip Dunne MP,...

Australia Announces Defence Spending Rise

As tensions in Southeast Asia continue to rise, with Chinese regional power projection expansion, Australia has announced a $26 billion spending increase over the...

New general purpose frigates to be known as Type 31

It has been reported that the new general purpose frigates are to be known as Type 31. It's been reported that a concept study is...

UK to increase NATO maritime commitment

At least five additional ships will join NATO deployments this year.

BAE awarded £201m for design work on Successor

The MoD has announced a £201 million package to support further design work for Successor nuclear submarines.

HMS Defender to join major fleet review in India

HMS Defender is gearing up to join a fleet review involving dozens of naval warships in India this week.

HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first compartment handed over

9J, a logistics compartment deep inside HMS Queen Elizabeth, will serve as a temporary training facility for the Damage Control Officer.



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