Type 45 Destroyer engine problems to be resolved

Many media outlets have reported that the Type 45 Destroyer fleet is to have their engines replaced, despite this being announced in November.

94% of steel used in new carriers sourced from UK mills

It has been revealed that only 6% of the steel used in the Queen Elizabeth class came from overseas.

Royal Navy to receive new navigation radar systems

New navigation radar systems will be fitted to more than 60 Royal Navy ships, submarines and shore facilities as part of a £44 million contract.

HMS St. Albans joins FS Charles de Gaulle Carrier Strike Group

Charles de Gaulle launches a Rafale multirole fighter (above)  In the ongoing fight against Daesh, the Type 23 Frigate HMS St. Albans has made a...

Royal Navy ice ship breaks 80 year Antarctica record

HMS Protector became the first Royal Navy vessel to visit the Eastern Antarctica or sail below 77 degrees latitude since before the Second World War.

Royal Navy and Coast Guard operate together on exercise

In a demonstration of the versatility of vertical naval air operations, the River class patrol ship HMS Tyne has performed a winching exercise with...

HMS Queen Elizabeth to sail for sea trials in Spring

HMS Queen Elizabeth is planned to sail in March for 11 weeks of sea trials in the North Sea.
The QEUH where the Christmas gifts were delivered to the children

Faslane families give Christmas presents to Glasgow childrens hospital

Faslane naval families gifted sacks of Christmas presents to a ward at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children, part of the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Could this be Britain’s future light frigate?

One of the most obvious contenders for the UK's future light frigate is an offering from BMT, the Venator-110.

HMS Artful handed over to the Royal Navy

HMS Artful and her crew will now be added to the Royal Navy Fleet.



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