Northrop Grumman has received a potential five-year, $273.1m contract from the US Navy to produce tactical underwater launcher hardware for the common missile compartment to be installed on US and UK submarines.

The company will also provide technical, component and full-scale engineering services to support CMC development and production efforts, the Department of Defense said Tuesday.

The US Navy will obligate $39.6m in fiscal year 2019 shipbuilding and conversion funds on the cost-plus incentive-fee, cost-plus-fixed-fee, firm-fixed-price contract while the UK government will allocate $24.4M in FY 2019 funds.

Northrop’s marine systems business will perform tasks in California, Florida, Washington, Georgia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia and in the UK.

Contract work is expected to conclude by March 31, 2024.

General Dynamics is building the CMC for US Ohio replacement submarine and the UK’s Dreadnought ballistic-missile submarine as part of a $2.9B contract the Navy awarded in 2012.

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Cam Hunter

I still think we should order 1 more, 5 total just like the original British Ballistic missile submarine number was meant to be. Then atleast that would give the crews a better fammily life thus retaining more submariners. Plus it would make our deterant even more capable with the possibility of operating two Balistic missile submarines at once. “Oh we cant afford it blah blah blah” but we are spending the money anyway and one extra submarine won’t break the bank and it would give us more lethal options. What do you guys think?

Daniele Mandelli

Nah, we have a Bomber on patrol at all times, enough to blow any aggressor to hell.

Spend the money on conventional weapons, our mass is low in too many areas.

8 missiles 40 warheads with low yields would do a lot less damage than you think

Daniele Mandelli

Yes, I guess it depends how you define “damage” when a single one of these MIRV are way beyond the power of Hiroshima.

But yes more ships subs and jets over more ssbn

Cam Hunter

I’m not to sure, one UK Sub armed with almost half a load (Government made law saving them millions) we probably would rely on USA to blow them away and finish the job, France might help out with there Subs and Nuclear armed Mirage IV jets….

captain P Wash.

I Think, Therefore, I Am.

why northrop, surely we have the ability to do that ourselves?

captain P Wash.

Other Answers include, Yes Definitely and I’d prefer 12, That way No one would dare mess with us.

Cam Hunter

I’d prefer enough to make a good deterant with the money being spent. 5 Nuclear powered Resolution Class submarines with Polaris Balistic Missiles were ordered but we built 4. Atleast 5 gives us flexibility.
It’s crazy how the Royal Navy Resolution class Ballistic Missile submarines are about the same size as our Atute class submarines…

captain P Wash.

Cam, It’s all about “Hot Bunking ” and Gender Rights though. Not to mention “Personal Space” and ” the right to Privacy” Hence the size of the Astute’s and the reduction of Missile Compartments on the new Dreadnought Class. We will have a Great capacity to wage Armageddon though. Not to mention A greater capacity to cater for the LGBTGQ Selfie Obsessed, iPhone generation.

buy 2 b1b lancers from the USAF RESERVE long live bomber command again fly them into russian airspace and give the finger to the kremlin.


I am reading the “Secret State” book. In the early 1960s, UK nuclear planners thought that Russia was so big, it would take 450 x megaton class warheads to destroy it. The compact size of Britain caused a pessimistic judgement that the Russians would only need 10x 10 megaton warheads to destroy the UK. A British diplomat said this to Khrushchev. Later Khrushchev checked with his generals. They had assigned around 60 warheads to the destruction of Britain. A mix of one megaton & 200 kiloton warheads, although they might have used a bigger warhead on one or two vital… Read more »

captain P Wash.

“Turnstile” Is very Deep though !!!!!


Turnstile has 100 ft of limestone above it. Brunel’s Box tunnel is below it though!
Turnstile is good enough against kiloton atom bombs, but would not survive a direct hit from a multi megaton Hydrogen bomb.

Daniele Mandelli

No it’s not! It’s in Spring Quarry. Clue in the name. It would be wiped out like most other bunkers by a direct hit.

Now if we built some decent bunkers thousands of feet deep under a mountain we might be in business.

But converting a quarry used as a world war 2 aircraft factory? Nah.

as long as the gosport ferry wasn’t a target.

captain P Wash.

I’m going to bed now !!!!! lol.

Captain P Wash

Did somebody mention a Curry ?

no, but i’ll have one!