The veteran population in the UK is projected to decrease year on year from 2.5 million in 2016 to approximately 1.6 million in 2028.

The figures show that over the next ten years, the number of former service personnel in Great Britain is expected to decrease by around 1 million, to approximately 1.6 million by 2028. Estimates put the number of former service personnel currently residing in Britain at around 2.5 million.

“As well as the reduction in size, the age and gender profile of the ex-forces community is also expected to change. The percentage of veterans of working age, between 16-64, is projected to rise from 38% to 44%, while the percentage of women is set to increase from 10% to 13%.

The new data projections will inform the first ‘Strategy for our Veterans’, jointly published by the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, which sets out the key areas of support for those who have left the armed forces.

Published in November 2018, the strategy identified six key areas where support is most needed over the next ten years, including: community and relationships, employment and skills, health and wellbeing, finance and debt, housing, and contact with the law. The UK Government consultation complementing the strategy is open until 21st February.”

Minister for Defence People and Veterans Tobias Ellwood said:

“The figures reveal important insight into the potential needs of our future veteran community, and will help us to continue to step up our support for those who have served this country.

While the vast majority of ex-service personnel go to live happy, healthy and successful lives, it’s right that we work across Governments to make sure veterans can access the services they need.”


  1. Who do they define as a Veteran !
    If it includes all the people from the end of WW2 to about 1963, who are Veterans through National Service, then I can see that the numbers will fall. I suspect that this reduction will be good news to those wonderful charities who support Ex-servicemen, but have little or no effect on Govt spending commitments, which if anything will probably increase, as those who were on the 1975 scheme, which changes in 2005, all start to reach 55, in which case those who left before 22 years then start to get a pension.

  2. The way HMG has treated the armed forces over the last 20+ years, who’d want to serve? Learn your trade, get made redundant, clapped out equipment, cuts, cuts, cuts, ever decreasing terms of service, poor treatment if maimed etc. It may only reflect the shoddy treatment of workers in civi street, but we really should do a lot better looking after our servicemen as well as all who man our essential services.
    Utmost respect & esteem for all who chose to serve in our military. I feel we should do much better by them. It was not something I ever had the aptitude for-just not mentally tough enough.
    When we employ people to risk life & limb for us it’s a betrayal to be prioritising how little we can get away with paying & providing for them.

  3. It is very sad, but most of that WW2 generation has now passed on. My own father, who managed to be in the Polish, French & British armies during 1939-45, passed away three years ago, aged 96.
    We have not had people in uniform on a world war scale, so it is inevitable, with todays shrunken military, that the number of veterans will fall.
    In the end, the reaper comes for us all, civilian & military, alike.

  4. Roll on death demob & end of service discharge are a failure , god help you ifyou do get seriously injured . I’m 41 yrs on after getting injured in HMF and 23 yrs on after getting cripples at work in civic street .. Your war pension is classed as a state benefit so you do not have it as a pension if you in later life get crippled at work in civvy street . IE e two life changing injuries and you only get a real pension for the civv one . The rest of the time you are made to jump through hoops every few years to see if you are cheating . How utterly degrading .

    The armed forces covenant is a convenient way of all crumby politicians of finding hero’s they csn brag about on the cheap then dropping them when they get injured .

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