RAF Force Protection deployed a short term training team in Nigeria for a few weeks, say the Royal Air Force. 

Royal Air Force Police and the Royal Air Force Regiment provided training to the Nigerian Air Force, teaching them various specialist skills and how to deal with various situations.

According to a news release:

“In the first week No. 5 Force Protection Wing completed week one of the Air Force Protection in the Complex Air Ground Environment (CAGE) package to the Nigerian Air Force Regiment and Police. Teaching the students the vulnerability and criticality of Air Power; the complexity of the environment; the external and internal threats to an airbase; and how to mitigate those threats through a range of Active Defence, and Tactical Policing and Security measures.

Week two enabled the Nigerian Air Force Police with learning about the protection of their critical assets and the role of Air Transport Security, both aspects being key to enabling successful and effective Air Operations. For the Nigerian Air Force Regiment this has started with learning about the Ground Defence Area, and how they can dominate the area around their Air Bases to protect their assets and deny their adversaries the freedom of movement to conduct attacks.”

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I bet the acommadation was like out Top when they visisted that hostel….😯


New high vis vests were issued and training on putting on and taking off was given! Further high intensity training was carried out in the second week which involves raising the main gate barrier under high intensity combat conditions, while coming under effective enemy fire from chip cartons and burger wrappers! All RAF Regiment members instructors were issued with a medal, and a mention in despatches, while relaying there war stories of Kandahar coffee shops and IT games rooms.

Daniele Mandelli

You too Airborne with the anti Rock Ape jibes!?


I’m allowed mate, I have one married to one of daughters lol! The banter can be amusing to say the least. And he isn’t a crow, currently a flight Sgt. But in all fairness they serve a purpose, do a job which most Infantry units would find boring. They just need to stop believing there own press and stop driving about in cheap sunnies, leaving it behind the wire lol, oh and realize 2 Sqn started off as a RR armoured car sqn and the winged griffin is actually the front profile of a RR wheel, with wings (cue more… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

I did mate thanks.

2 Sqn, yes they are the ones who think they are SF being para trained…. Although in all seriousness I believe they contribute 1 platoon and some JTAC to SFSG.

I’ve always expected them to get the chop every SDSR, would save thousands in the headcount that could go into other areas of the RAF. But the problem as you point out is that someone needs to do their job, and it would be a killer giving it to one of our line infantry battalions.