An RAF Atlas A400M and a Poseidon MRA1 have successfully contributed to the rescue of a sailor in the Atlantic Ocean, following critical damage to his yacht during storm Ciarán.

The Norwegian yacht sent a distress signal on November 2, approximately 700 miles off Cornwall’s coast. A French Navy Falcon initially confirmed the captain’s survival before the RAF aircraft took over at dawn on November 3.

These RAF aircraft are equipped with parachute-droppable survival gear, including the Poseidon’s Uni-Pac 3 kit, featuring a raft and emergency supplies.

The Poseidon, operated by 201 Squadron, closely monitored the situation, ready to deploy its lifesaving equipment if needed. The crew was instrumental in directing the merchant vessel Green Azure to the stricken sailor for rescue.

The RAF coordinated with HM Coastguard and international agencies to secure the sailor’s safety. Wing Commander Adam Smolak praised the quick and professional response of the crew, saying, “The success of the mission is a testament to their professionalism and excellent training.”

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Ian M.
Ian M. (@guest_764143)
7 months ago


Fen Tiger
Fen Tiger (@guest_764150)
7 months ago

Well done the Kipper Fleet!

Coll (@guest_764152)
7 months ago

Yeah, that boat looks pretty buggered.

klonkie (@guest_764190)
7 months ago

I sure miss those yellow 22sqn Sea Kings.