Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has announced that from September this year, ground close combat roles in the RAF Regiment will be open to women.

Speaking at the annual RAF Air Power Conference in London, Sir Michael praised the opening up of close combat roles to women, ahead of schedule, as a defining moment in the RAF’s history. The opening of the RAF Regiment to women means that from September 2017, every trade and branch in the RAF will be open to all genders.


  1. Well isnt that nice. I’m glad Mr.Fallon feels so pleased with himself but i’m sorry, i just don’t think women have the b*lls for it.

    • There is an argument suggesting that there are some 20 types of gender, such as transwoman, transmen, androgynous, pangender, tri-gender etc. – but that is not really the point.

      Anyone who has worked with the RAF will understand that they have always been proud to push the boundaries of what we might refer to as ‘gender norms’.

      At a time when women were precluded from operational flying the RAF had female, albeit transgender, aircrew, including at least one with experience in what was arguably the most exciting and demanding theatre of air operations since 1945 – the Rhodesian Bush War.

    • Been there John: Exercise Quarter Final early eighties I guess, NW Germany, I happened upon a Danish tank squadron equipped with Centurions. The OCs tank was all female and they were changing a road wheel not because it was unserviceable but because the reckoned it was not going to last another 50km.

      I recall thinking that not only were they competent but they were thinking ahead; and I was impressed that they had their entire war load of ammunition, albeit blank, from main armament to 9mm for their Charlie Gs. Another thought struck me, that every so often that would be one very angry tank.


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