The RAF has temporarily stopped operating its two A400M’s in light of one crashing near Seville airport in south-west Spain, killing four crew members and seriously injuring the other two. All the crew members were company employees and of Spanish nationality.

A Royal Air Force Atlas A400M transport aircraft flying over Bristol. The Atlas Airbus A400M is a multi-national four engined turboprop military transport aircraft. Designed by Airbus as a replacement for older transporters such as the Hercules C-130 it can perform additional roles including electronic surveillance and aerial refuelling.  This particular A400 is called "The City of Bristol" and is operated by 206(R) Squadron based at RAF Brize Norton photographed over the city and surrounding areas of Bristol, Gloucestershire. Its called the "The City of Bristol" due to the ties with the city, the wings are made in Filton, Bristol.
A Royal Air Force Atlas A400M transport aircraft flying over Bristol.

A spokesman said:

“Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those affected by this tragic accident and we are providing all our care and support.”

The plane was expected to be the third aircraft to be delivered to Turkey and formal delivery was scheduled for next month.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson, said:

“The UK’s A400M aircraft operations have been paused while an investigation into the crash in Seville is carried out. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those involved in the incident.”

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Kyle Williamson
6 years ago

Made in Spain