Raytheon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Defence to join Team ARTEMIS.

The project is a collaboration between government and industry formed to fast track the launch of a small satellite constellation and enhance the UK’s sovereign space capability.

“In large part because of U.S. efforts to raise the profile of military space, allies are working hard to ‘close the space gap,'” said Air Vice-Marshal Rocky Rochelle, Royal Air Force chief of staff for capability.

Raytheon’s many decades of experience in developing space systems will be a significant boost to the MOD’s space plans and their commitment to launch a small satellite demonstrator within a year with Team ARTEMIS Industry.

“Raytheon provides advanced satellite-based mission planning and data processing capabilities to governments around the world,” said Dave Wajsgras, president of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services.

“The collaboration between Raytheon and the UK Armed Forces will deliver new capabilities that directly benefit this important alliance.”

Raytheon and the MoD have previously partnered on several defence projects, including tactical airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions used by the armed forces.

“Raytheon has worked with the UK for decades to develop exceptional defence, aerospace and cyber capabilities,” said Richard Daniel, CEO of Raytheon UK.

“Being part of Team ARTEMIS Industry will only further strengthen that relationship as we work and invest to jointly develop and support the UK’s space systems.”

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As regular readers know, I’m a great advocate of staying ahead when it comes to defending our freedoms.
The above image of the earth in all its wondrous beauty, evokes nonsensical frustration, at the only species upon it with the ability/thought process of reason and accountability.
It’s quite sad that man/nations have to spend vast amounts of money and resources, only to invariably end in death and destruction, especially the destruction of our/faunas environments, marine life being one of the biggest victims.

Hopefully, one day, we will learn!

Barry Larking

I agree with the sentiments. But as the man said, for evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. We have seen that over and again have we not? In the Science Museum there is a Black Knight rocket on display. Launched over twenty times without a hitch, it placed Britain’s Prospero satellite in orbit. A weak and short sighted government and civil servants putting our eggs in someone else’s basket was ‘they way forward’. Within in a few years the throw weight limitation of Black Knight was obviated by smaller and smaller satellites. Britain.… Read more »


The man was Edmund Burke…hopefully some good men and women will pull Bojo’s government down before it completely screws Britain. “I’ve seen more brains in pork-pie”.

The Artist Formerly Known as Los Pollos Chicken

Why would the current government want to screw this green and fertile land? If the PM does what he has promised to do and honours what the majority of the people voted for then a brighter future awaits. Then we can put up more satellites and invest in our own first class research and development and start doing our own thing without interference and red tape. This will allow us to develop the ultimate weapon system the T1000 Maggie Thatcher cyborg ready to install back in no.10 D S .Then its game on.

A Maggie Thatcher cyborg….a terrifying thought. Presumably this is a creation of the mad scientist, professor Rees-Mogg. I hope it goes better than his earlier creation, T200 Michael Gove, that was assembled from body parts found lying around his laboratory!

The Artist Formerly known as Los Pollos chicken

? I had no idea you felt this way about poor old messers Mogg and Gove ?

If the PM does what he said he would do and we end up leaving the EU with no deal then the economy will shrink, tens of thousands of jobs will disappear and there will be much less money to spend on services, especially with the people losing their jobs claiming unemployment benefits.

Cuts will be made, and defence will be one of the first on the chopping block as it loses few votes.

The Artist Formerly known as Los Pollos chicken

Stevo I had no idea you have access to the future? ?

And what is the basis for your claim of a brighter future after we leave the EU without a deal?

The Artist Formerly known as Los Pollos chicken

Optimism amigo good old fashioned belief in the British people. History proves the doomsday merchants wrong over us not joining the Euro , what would happen if we voted leave as just 2 examples and history shows what an outstandingly resourceful and ingenious nation we are absolutely nothing stops U.K. plc or ever will . Listen when it comes to us leaving the EU and the sky falling in ,As public Enemy proclaimed back in 88 “ don’t believe the hype”


Hear Hear!
Steve R, should be whipped and tared for dissent!!

This Nation is still equipped with stoic resolve!

The Artist Formerly known as Los Pollos chicken

? bravo sir bravo??

Steve R

Or perhaps you should be whipped and tarred if it all goes tits up. I believe in the British people. However I dont believe im blind optimism. Long term this county will be fine, but there will be a period where our economy will shrink, jobs will go as businesses leave the UK for elsewhere. Long term we can cope with this if we adapt and start making things ourselves again. Problem is wed need to restart a lot of indigenous industries we no longer have. Long-term, we will be okay. For several years however the economy will shrink somewhat.… Read more »


What about the many companies who have decided to base themselves or further invest in the UK, post-Brexit Vote? The UK’s tech sector is soaring ahead of its competitors in Europe, attracting more venture capital investment in 2017 than Germany, France and Sweden combined. British tech businesses attracted $7.8bn of funding last year, which was almost double the amount received in 2016. Research by Dealroom and Tech Nation showed that the UK’s venture capital investment in 2017 was higher than Germany’s total of $3.2bn and France, which brought in $2.8bn. Data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)… Read more »


Well if we are that masterfully successful, ingenious and resourceful how the hell do we describe the Germans who have increased their economy 150% during a period in which we expanded ours 50%. They must truly be off the scale.

The Artist Formerly known as Los Pollos chicken

I suggest you go read up on the economist Leo Varvakis former Greek finance minister very well known and certainly not a brexit supporter. He will explain how Germany have managed this through the Euro which is suited and loaded in their favour. Basically it’s a fix. Anyways the entire global system rightly or wrongly runs on a system we primarily put in place . If you doubt how capable this nation is and has been then one only needs to open the history books and it’s there in black and white for all to see. Please come back to… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Bravo Chicken.

John Hudgell

Like the pound will crash together with the UK economy and well all be doomed if the referendum votes out !…hang on that didnt happen but it hasnt stopped the ‘Analysts’ still predicting the future.
Have I missed something or is my simple mind incorrectly seeing that this is all to do with the EU going their own way anyway with an EU defence system……which apparently was never on the cards?

Steve R

Well the pound hasn’t actually crashed but it has plummeted in value. My previous job was in managing foreign exchange bureaus and the day of the referendum it was €1.27 to the £, the day after the vote when it was confirmed Leave, went down to €1.18, went down to a low or €1.06 and is now €1.11. This is retail rates. So the pound has indeed lost a lot of value.


This is a fake picture, everyone knows the earth is flat! Muhahaha 😉
On a serious note and different subject. The US is planning to adopt 6.8mm caliber! Weapons manufacturers are rubbing their hands and laughing on their way to the bank. Why reinvent the wheel? May as well use 7.62mm. Is 5.56mm not enough to shoot bearded guys in bedsheets? Considering the US pushed for 5.56 use among NATO, this seems like a giant waste of money.


The problem with the 5.56 round was it was never really designed to kill but to wound. It was designed so that after penetrating a person it would tumble and thus create a more serious wound. It was factored in that every wounded soldier would require at least another or probably two to triage them and return them to medical facilities, thus taking more troops out of the fight. This is great when facing hordes of troops but when against insurgents not really that useful. The 5.56 is significantly lighter than the NATO 7.62, so pound for pound more ammo… Read more »

Steve R

“Unless hit in the head or heart shot a person would continue to fight with at least 3 hits.” I’ve never before heard such rubbish. Getting shot anywhere with a 5.56mm is going to incapacitate you. If you’re shot in the bicep for instance, that’s still massive damage to the arm, blood moss, shock and pain that will put you out of the fight even if you’re only wounded. I think the main reason for looking alternative calibre ammo is simply that the AK which is normally the weapon of choice for our enemies of late, has greater range than… Read more »


France is also launching its first space weapons program. The Military Planning Law 2019-2025 had already significantly increased the resources allocated to space, with a budget of 3.6 billion euros devoted to the modernization of observation satellites (CSO), telecommunication (Syracuse), electromagnetic listening and radar space surveillance GRAVES. The latter will soon be able to detect objects the size of a shoebox at 1,500 km altitude. The new strategy is to add to these means of knowledge and anticipation, means of protection and response to possible aggression in space. Linked by the attempted spying of a French satellite by the Russian… Read more »