RFA Mounts Bay recovered 100kg of Cocaine from Hessian sacks dumped in the Caribbean as drug-runners dumped their cargo and fled from authorities, say the Royal Navy.

The British vessel responded to a tip off from an American patrol aircraft which reported seeing the crew of a boat suspiciously dumping their payload.

Mounts Bay has a Dolphin helicopter from the US Coast Guard’s HITRON – Helicopter Interdiction Tactical squadRON – and its counter-narcotics boarding team, the LEDET (Legal Enforcement DETachment) on board for drugs patrols.

The helicopter was immediately launched and located the jetsam as the ship closed in on the position.

Captain Angus Bissell, RFA Mounts Bay’s Commanding Officer, said:

“Once again we’ve demonstrated that UK and US forces working in partnership are committed to – and showing success in – reducing the flow of drugs throughout the wider Caribbean.”

Mounts Bay is the UK’s long-term naval presence in the Caribbean say the Royal Navy, ‘dedicating her summers and autumns’ to disaster relief operations in the wake of hurricanes which strike with devastating frequency, while the rest of her year is focused on counter drugs patrols.

Last month, she came across 22kg of marijuana.

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captain P Wash.

We’re certainly on a High lately.


I see what you did there 🙂


Here comes another over stated value and no explanation of how a warship wasn’t able to track and/or follow the jetsam dumping boat since the busting team watched it in the act.

David Sutton

Mounts Bay is a Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing Dock ship in the caribbean for humanitarian reasons. She does assist the American authorities in anti drug operations outside of the hurricane season and cannot compete with drug runners for speed.

Cam Hunter

Why when we have British islands in the Caribbean do we have to have yanks onboard to do drug busts? Anyone know?

David Flandry

Don’t have to. Need to because of government budget policy.

Steve Taylor

It’s a joint op. The US has all the intel. They just need platforms to work from for boats and helicopters.

It just shows yet again the Bays should have been built and just followed the standard Enforcer design with an hangar…….but they didn’t…….

captain P Wash.

“It’s a Joint Op”. RMOLMAO (Rolling My Own Laughing My Arse Off).


Another clean sweep from Captain Bissell.

Anyone under 50yrs will have to google it!


A “Bissell” was/is a carpet/floor cleaner!

To my surprise, they are still manufacturing, like they were before we joined the EU!


I’m a tad suspicious that you might be trying to throw us on your age? LOL!

Daniele Mandelli

I had no idea either RGR.

I’m way under 50!


for over twenty years the UK government has been working closely with the US authorities, mainly the DEA, to interdict class A drugs in the initial staged of delivery from South America into the EU and USA. The RN have been the mainstay of UK assistance along with customs and NCA. It is a very successful relationship that reduces the scourge of drugs in the UK amongst many other nations. There are complex legal issues regarding sovereignty, sea arras and various territorial waters, all overcome by having various nationals representing interested countries onboard the ships. The UK ships not only… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

I’m all for it for the reasons Basil says above.

My beef is they are using a scarce amphib for the role, and before that a Wave tanker.


I understand your frustration, however combating terrorism, narcotics, cyber crime, economic welfare are all part of the national security strategy, just as high end warfare is. These roles and tasks are important and need to be undertaken. Come a real war fighting situation these assets would be pulled away, just as the WIGS vessels were during 1982 and again during Granby in the Gulf. I fear it we didn’t deploy in these arras we would loose the ships as they would languish between operations and training presenting an easy cut. It is far harder to dispose of a Bay class… Read more »

captain P Wash.

Baz mate, If you had even the slightest grasp on the whole Drug Problem Inflicting the Entire World, You’d be Aghast at the total lack of Success “We” are having. Coupled to “Our” total Lack of Enforcement and Control in places that Produce said Drugs despite “Our” decade’s of Involvement In Places like Afghanistan. Not sure where you live but, Mate, Wake up and Smell the Coffee. Your Understanding of Politics and belief in the Politic (as you describe them) just smacks of Ignorance. Go walk the Streets of our City’s later mate. Sorry If you think I’m Trolling you… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Hmm, you have a point there.

Use it or lose it.


capn, trust me I am very well placed and informed in this area. I understand it is frustrating being in the outside trying to understand or make sense of some policies and operations when you only receive media sound bites or others interpretations. Every one is entitled to thier thoughts, beliefs, however when these are challenged in a derogertry manner it becomes tiresome and simply degrades the discussion process. There are many on this forum who understand this, alas others that don’t. So thanks to your manner I will probably not bother any more. Thanks capn.

captain P Wash.

That’s great news mate. See you Later “Pratt”. ( BTW, It’s spelt Derogatory, Just saying mate ).

Some people ehh ? Just can’t take what they love to dish out. (Winky Face Emoji ).


Come on, play nice you two. Really don’t see the need for hostilities, gentle disagreement only please!


We all need to get along….despite brexit! (Winking face with tongue hanging out)

captain P Wash.

TS, I’m afraid Basil just doesn’t like my comments and he has to resort to name calling every so often. I was quite happy to “play nicely” until his latest insult.

I’ll try to behave now though.

Love and Kisses