Rolls-Royce will provide an extensive range of equipment, including marine generator sets, to a new fleet of US Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutters.

The company say in a press release:

“Rolls-Royce will supply the USCG OPC fleet’s controllable pitch propellers (CPP), shaft lines and Promas rudders, which offer increased propulsive efficiency and improved maneuverability.

The Promas rudder combined with the water soluble polyalkylene glycol lubricant used in the CPP system delivers an efficient and environmentally friendly propulsion solution.

Rolls-Royce will also supply bow thrusters, steering gear, fin stabilisers and MTU marine generator sets.”

Sam Cameron, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development – Naval, said:

“The Offshore Patrol Cutter is the U.S. Coast Guard’s largest shipbuilding programme and we are extremely proud to be confirmed as a major supplier to Eastern Shipbuilding Group on a project that will transform future capability.

This contract marks one of the most comprehensive Rolls-Royce systems packages ever to be selected for a coast guard vessel, and we’re looking forward to delivering and integrating our marine technology into this new and highly capable ship.”

Mike Rizzo, Program Manager of Government Naval Vessels, MTU America, said:

“The selection of MTU power for the U.S. Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter fleet is another milestone in our long-standing relationship with the U.S. military. Military vessels are at sea for long periods of time, often battling extreme conditions.

Our advanced engineering, exceptional reliability and proven fuel efficiency are what the U.S. Coast Guard depends on. We are fully committed to the success of the OPC programme.”

The new vessels will replace the USCG fleet of Medium Endurance Cutters, providing a capability bridge between the National Security Cutter fleet and the Fast Response Cutter fleet, which operates closer to shore.

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