Royal Air Force strikes have hit Islamic State 1,340 times in Iraq and 262 times in Syria since 2014, say officials.

So-called Islamic State, or ‘Daesh’, fighters are being pinned down by the Royal Air Force in their former stronghold of Raqqa say the Ministry of Defence as the UK marks three years of tackling the barbaric cult in Iraq and Syria.

Royal Air Force aircraft destroyed 17 targets in Syria in a single day last week as the air campaign intensifies, forcing Daesh to splinter and retreat from areas it ruled when the UK voted to begin air strikes in September 2014.

British aircraft have struck Daesh 1,340 times in Iraq and 262 times in Syria. In that time the group has lost territory, finances, leaders and fighters as the 73-member coalition has liberated cities in both countries.

Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, said:

“Britain has made a major contribution to the campaign that has crippled Daesh since 2014, forcing this miserable cult from the gates of Baghdad to the brink of defeat in Raqqa. By air, land and sea UK personnel have played a tireless role in striking targets and training allies.

As the second largest contributor to the Global Coalition’s military campaign, the UK has flown more than 8,000 sorties with Tornado and Typhoon jets and Reaper drones, providing strikes, surveillance and reconnaissance, refuelling and transport.”

Since 2014 the UK has hit Daesh with over 1,500 strikes, bombarding targets including heavy machine-gun positions, truck-bombs, mortar teams, snipers and weapons stores.

RAF Typhoons, Tornados and Reapers have hounded Daesh day and night, striking from Raqqa and Dayr az Zawr in Syria to Qayyarah and Al Qaim in Iraq.

Air Chief Marshal, Sir Stephen Hillier, said:

“This has been an immense effort by RAF airmen and airwomen over the last three years of continued operations, countering Da’esh in Iraq and Syria. However, the tempo continues with RAF aircraft destroying 17 targets in Syria in a single day last week.”

Three years ago Daesh was barely an hour from the gates of Baghdad, but today it has lost more than 73 per cent of the territory it occupied in Iraq and 65 per cent of its former territory in Syria.

The Royal Air Force has played an essential role to allies, helping Syrian Democratic Forces engaged in ground close combat and the Iraqi Security Forces who continue their advance having liberated Mosul and Ninewah province.

More than 5.5 million people have been freed from Daesh’s rule and over 2 million displaced Iraqi civilians have returned to their homes. In Mosul alone, it is estimated that over 265,000 people have returned.

On the ground, around 600 British soldiers are in Iraq, helping to train that country’s forces. UK troops have so far helped train over 58,000 Iraqi Security Forces in battle winning infantry, counter-IED, engineering and combat medical skills.


    • Idiotic/feel good Rules of Engagement restricting the effectiveness of each strike. For example in this month they wasted a Paveway on a Toyota with a machine gun and a Brimstone on a tanker truck to name just 2. Those were targets for strafing runs not expensive guided munitions.

  1. Oh please don’t embarrass yourself. We know that the UK and US have supported terrorists in Syria and it is the Russians (invited by the government of Syria) and the SAA who have done the heavy lifting in defeating the terrorist filth that the UK and US and Israel and Arabia and initially Turkey were aiding. I do wish the pip-squeaks in London wouldn’t show us up in this way by claiming to be heroes when they really are dirty filthy traitors and weasels who have been licking the arses of Wahhabi rats for years.

  2. What a bunch of COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!
    If your contribution was “sooo valuable” how come Isis gained SO MUCH territory at exactly the same time you did those “sorties?!”
    You’ve been there forever and all the while Syria got smaller and smaller! It all stopped when THE RUSSIANS yes, THE RUSSIANS came in and started to hit REAL TARGETS (as opposed to hitting only sand) and turned the course of the war!
    But go on, make those remarks because you make people laugh, and laughing is a good thing given the state of the world today, no doubt quite a lot of it as a result of your contribution!!!


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