135 Expeditionary Air Wing handed over responsibility for the NATO mission to the Canadians whose Hornet fighter jets will replace Typhoons.

Among the several VIPs present at the ceremony was the British Ambassador, Mr Andrew Noble, who said:

“Today marks the conclusion of the second year in which RAF Typhoons have helped to defend and secure the skies of this important Black Sea flank of the NATO Alliance. This mission is in response to Russia’s use of military force against its neighbours and its military build-up in the region.

In contrast, NATO’s aim is to contribute to European defence and security by preventing conflict, protecting our allies and preserving the peace.”

Commanding 135 EAW throughout the mission was Wing Commander Chris Ball who said:

“Today my team’s role in NATO Air Policing draws to a close, for now, and it is a great honour to handover to the Royal Canadian Air Force as they also prepare to make their contribution to our collective defence in this region for the second year.

I know they will do a fantastic job and we are, of course, both working hand-in-hand with the Romanian Air Force who never stops providing defence in this region.”


          • (Chris H) I think its Canada’s relationship with Trump that is in tatters. US trade people are trying to salvage something from the Chump’s diplomacy by Twitter and seeking Canada’s agreement to the deal with Mexico. The USA launched 5 WTO complaints in one go recently

            Trudeau said that unless the United States and Boeing drop attempts to find fault with Bombardier, the Canadian government will not buy $6-billion worth of Boeing’s Super Hornet fighter jets. “We won’t do business with a company that’s busy trying to sue us and trying to put our aerospace workers out of business,”. Well since that was settled in Canada’s favour the Chump has taken up battle on behalf of US Incorporated with steel, glossy paper, cars and who knows what else as ammunition.

            And why would Canada buy any new F-18s when Australia is now looking to offload their much later built F-18s as they take delivery of new F-35As? The F-35 is toxic in Canadian politics and its American. So thats a no go area.

            But why Typhoon rather than Rafale?
            Which has been the most successful in International sales?
            Which country stood by Canada against Trump over Bombardier?
            Which country does it share 5 Eyes intelligence with?
            Which country could offer RCAF Typhoon training with the RAF here and in Canada?
            Which country could even let them have loan of Typhoons while they build new – and possibly built in Canada as well?

            The decision on the Canadian frigate is key here – If they buy Type 26 then I think Typhoon could well follow. Except for one thing – why buy Typhoon when you can buy s/h Aussie F-18s and then get involved in Tempest?


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