Royal Marines boarding operations specialists have been testing their marksmanship to ensure they are ready for combat in the tight and difficult environment of a ship, according to a news release.

The marines from Juliet Company of Plymouth-based 42 Commando are the Green Berets who are at the forefront of the boarding missions specialism.

“They are called upon to carry out such tasks – which includes counter piracy and counter narcotics – but also play a role in training allies in their expert area, called maritime interdiction operations (MIOPS).The commandos are embarked on Royal Navy warships in small elite teams – very much in keeping with how the Royal Marines want to continue to work as they evolve into the Future Commando Force, which puts their amphibious commando skills at the forefront of their work.

This latest training makes sure the marines are up to scratch, ready to carry out operations and maintain their expertise in combat in the often cramped surroundings of ships or smaller craft. The ranges element of the training package took place during the day but also under the cover of darkness, testing elements of J Company using their Glock pistol and the C8 rifle – used by the commandos because of its advantage in closed quarters combat.”

This took place at Lydd Ranges in Kent.

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We should class our commandos as special forces. Other Nations do.

Daniele Mandelli

No no no Cam!

That other nations class theirs as SF shows just how special ours truly are!

The Parachute Regiment., The Royal Marines, units like 148 Battery, they are elite light troops, well trained, with a well earned reputation.

But they are not SF.

Class them as SF and it’s goodbye to the real SF when governments defence cuts come calling.


When I was posted to NI, I had to attend a weeks induction course at Ballykinler I just happened to pair up with this Bootneck and we went around attending our classes together. On the range, we had to fire the pistol and after firing 5 rounds from his right arm, he swapped hands and fired another 5 from his left. The Range officer went up the wall. Whilst he was venting his spleen, I turned around and asked him why,as I had never seen anybody do such. He came out with, actually I’m SBS and we are actually taught… Read more »

Rob T

Join the discussion…Ah, lovely sunny Ballykinler. (shudder)