HMS Albion ship will conduct bilateral talks with the Indonesian Navy, UK defence industry and visit a local orphanage in Jakarta, say the Royal Navy.

HMS Albion will be docked at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta for a three day visit, aimed to increase defence engagement with the Indonesian Armed Forces. During the visit, members of the ship crew will conduct bilateral talks with the Indonesian Navy, UK defence industry and visit a local orphanage.

British Ambassador Moazzam Malik, said:

“We have a growing defence relationship with Indonesia that supports our joint security interests and promotes prosperity. The deployment of HMS Albion in Indonesia provides an opportunity to support our partners in delivering maritime security in the region. Like Indonesia, the UK has a strong maritime history.

We share a naval trading heritage. We will both remain maritime nations. It is in both of our interests to enjoy secure, accessible and sustainable maritime domains.”

Captain Tim Neild, HMS Albion’s Commanding Officer, said:

“HMS Albion is a very capable warship, manned by a crew of highly trained and hugely professional sailors and Royal Marines and we are greatly looking forward to visiting Jakarta to help strengthen the bonds between the UK and Indonesia.

The presence of the Royal Navy’s flagship in Asia-Pacific demonstrates that the UK is ready to work with our friends and allies to promote peace, security and prosperity throughout this vital region.”


  1. Jakarta… Used to be the world’s best kept secret. Back in late 90’s was when I first came to understand the Chinese claims on the South China Sea. I recall about 1998 the Chinese showing a Map at a conference in Bogor outside Jakarta that had the Indonesian Natuna island (rich in gas fields and about as far South as you can get in the SCS) being part of the greater Chinese claim. Next morning the Jakarta Post reported a brigade of Indonesian marines were being moved to Natuna.

  2. Good to see the RN far more engaged in the Asia-Pacific region this year. Just shows what they can achieve, even with such relatively scarce resources.

  3. Old picture.
    She doesn’t have Goalkeeper anymore and has Artisan fitted not 996.
    And the flight deck now has 2 Chinook spots
    Once a WE Tiff always a WE Tiff. 🙂

        • Morning
          CGRM currently holds the post. Will be interesting to see how the reorganisation of 2 star posts go in the RN and with that the balance of provisioned RN combat capability.

          • Morning. Agreed.

            Believe CGRM has been duel hatted in that role for some years now.

            Was only a few years ago that Navy Command HQ reorganised itself and now they are at it again. Hard to keep up with without endless FOIA requests.


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