Members of the Royal Navy visited the US 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath where they gained experience in controlling different types of aircraft.

The trip presented the opportunity for the Royal Navy lieutenants, who are in the process of becoming fighter controllers and air warfare officers, to see an F-15E Strike Eagle, learn about its capabilities and the capabilities of the base say the US Air Force.

Royal Navy fighter controller Lt. Jo Peacock said:

“It’s good to know what types of aircraft are out there, particularly for us as fighter controllers, as we are going to be sitting in a ship deployed and we won’t always know what kind of aircraft is going to call up and ask for assistance, help with an emergency or for a tasking.”

According to a press release, a pilot assigned to the 494th Fighter Squadron saod:

“Their flight commander is a US Navy exchange officer, providing integration, standardisation and continuity between our nations’ navies.

That integration concept mirrors our efforts in the DoD to strive for seamless integration between the United States’ military branches, but takes it further by combining members of two different services from two different countries.”

The release concludes:

“This visit emphasises the close relationship U.S. and U.K. forces maintain and serves as a reminder that interoperability plays a key role in modern warfare. 

The Royal Navy fighter controllers and air warfare officers are slated to finish their training and head out to their new assignments this autumm.”

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