General Mark Carleton-Smith, the Chief of the General Staff, recently claimed that Russia is a greater threat to Britain than Islamic State.

Today’s events have gone a long way to proving him correct.

Chief of the General Staff (the professional head of the British Army), General Mark Carleton-Smith, said:

“The Russians seek to exploit vulnerability and weakness wherever they detect it. Russia today indisputably represents a far greater threat to our national security than Islamic extremist threats such as al-Qaeda and Isil.”

General Mark Carleton-Smith has played a leading role in many recent operations at home and abroad, including the campaign to defeat Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, supporting to British Overseas Territories impacted by Hurricane Irma and the military’s support to areas badly affected by the snow earlier this year.

While speaking to The Telegraph, he also mentioned the danger posed by Russian attempts to undermine the UK using unconventional means, saying:

“Russia has embarked on a systematic effort to explore and exploit Western vulnerabilities, particularly in some of the non-traditional areas of cyberspace, undersea warfare,” he said.

“The Russians seek to exploit vulnerability and weakness wherever they detect it,” he added.


  1. Well if this narrative gets extra funding for the forces then so be it.
    A point to note, Russia, China and North Korea get what they want because of a rather large military. They project power with large numbers.
    Combine our knack of being in the shadows whispering in ears with a large fighting force and we’d be having the EU eating out of our hand… But that’s not what the globalists want is it.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying on here for quite some time.
      Increase defense spending to 4% as it was during the cold war period and reduce our overseas aid budget currently running at close to 18billion this year.
      If you appear to be weak…

    • No argument with your comments Ridler but one other point. They get away with MURDER because they all have hundreds of thousands of people in concentration camps. One word against the regime in the likes of North Korea and the whole family from toddler to grandma can disappear.

    • everyone on this forum is in agreement, however, £13.1 billion in foreign aid is especially annoying especially when you see where it goes, millions to pakistan, a country that harbours terrorist organisations within ts borders, and india, a nation with asia’s most booming economy nigeria, a country with vast yet untapped oil fields, millions to afghanistan and syria(is that a sorry we bombed the crap out of you payment, sudan no idea at all,jordan?haven’t a clue what that’s about this is where those with their clueless grasp on reality fail us the most. those with their heads in the sand are like those who began cutting our forces before the world wars are again putting the nation in harms way,and then denying that’s the threat actually exists.these are the true enemy,not putin, the likes of russia,india and japan, have clear plans and follow them up with cash the germans almost starved this nation TWICE with the submarine menace russia could do it again. people are ignorant of the way the sea and our use of it, yet we have a navy smaller than some nations coast guard services!the paucity of our ssk ability is staggering a force of overpriced, worn out astutes and tralgars is not going to deter the mass that makes up the russian submarine threat the u.k sold all 4 of the upholder class submarines to canada for just£1!!! all 4 are still in service as the victoria class. the uk could do a lot worse than trying to buy them back. the excellent collins class ssk of the australian navy are to soon be retired, that is where we should be doing our defense shopping. google AMARG inventory look at wat the u.s has available for regeneration over 1000 aircraft. google the naval inactive ships register, and see what is there. this country must decide quality or quantity, we can’t have both the snobbish ways of not buying second hand is a folly

  2. Britain and a large part of Europe are possibly at its weakest in military/political terms, than at any time in recent years. Brexit is taking government’s eye off the ball, especially at this critical time in our history. What better time to make mischief than at this moment of political turmoil?

    We on this post have been warning about the lack of concern in regards to Russia and its increasing presence around British waters. Today, the UK is not tuned into their games as much as we should be. The Ukrainian situation may just be enough to get someone to wake up in Westminster and raise the flag?

      • An army led by a determined leader doesn’t care too much about the quantity or quality of his or her forces, as witnessed in the former Yougoslavian war.

  3. A strong man enjoys his goods in peace………..that does not make him a warmonger or warlike, precisely the opposite. Wars almost always begin where one side sees an overwhelming advantage in a military endeavour. So if you want peace be strong and resolve to remain strong.


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