The Russian MoD has signed a contract with the developer of PAK-DA long-range stealth bomber to commence production for a possible delivery by 2027 according to state media.

“The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has signed all the necessary contracts to start production of the PAK-DA long-range bomber. Flight tests of the aircraft is scheduled for 2027,” deputy head of the department Alexey Krivoruchk was quoted as saying by Zvezda, run by the Russian MoD reported on Monday.

“The characteristics of the aircraft have been agreed upon, all contract documents necessary for the production of samples have been signed, preparatory design stages are underway,” Krivoruchko said.

Image result for PAK-DA stealth bomber
Image via Russian State Media.

The aircraft is expected to be of subsonic speed, have a 12,000 km operational range and a capability to continuously remain in the air for up to 30 hours while carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads up to 30 tons. The aircraft is expected to have a crew of 4.

The PAK-DA is expected to replace all current strategic bombers in the Russian Air Force by the next decade.

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Wonder how long it’ll be till we see a Chinese copy….

James M

The Chinese probably have a better chance of getting it into service than the Russians do, if the resounding successes that are the T-14 and SU-57 programmes are any indication.


They don’t need to, the Chinese Aerospace industry has leapfrogged Russia’s in many areas and they have their own indigenous next generation heavy bomber programme. The Xian H-20 is comfortably ahead of Pak-Da and should be entering service before Pak-Da has its first flight!

Levi Goldsteinberg

Uh-huh. That’ll be the day

But then again they have such a strong record of 5th gen success giving the positively roaring success the Pak-FA has been

George Royce

Why was the Pak-FA a lackluster jet?


To be fair, the aircraft they sent to Syria for “War trials” were prototypes, so didn’t have a integrated weapon suite. Apparently the only weapon that was integrated was the 30mm auto-canon! They still use a version of the Su37 engine as their production engine still has problems. I’m sure once these are ironed out, it will be a very formidable aircraft.

Geoffrey Roach

Seems quite an aircraft but realistically how many of them will be built at what cost. A very expensive one I suspect. If it takes money away from other programmes so be it.


A similar image to the released views of the future B21 by the USAF, i.e. a Photoshop image from an oblique angle showing very little detail. Except, seriously, wing-lets on a stealth aircraft? I guess they couldn’t solve the Dutch roll problem inherent with large flying wings? Regardless, wing-lets are a significant compromise to the aircraft’s RCS. One of the issues is the length of the fins top surface. It’s small size is a perfect candidate for Rayleigh scattering and resonance effects. Which are dead give ways for long wavelength radar.

Harry Bulpit

Perhaps if the Russians gave up on their fetish of mega army and nuclear enilation, and got rid of their conscription and ancient soviet equipment for the sake of numbers along with spending less on an array of nuclear missiles. They could actually have a world leading, flexible and modern military that could give America a run for its money on the world stage.


What is enilation?

Harry Bulpit


Paul T

Harry – I think the world would be a much better place if Russia Chilled out a bit and moved on from its paronoia that everyone and their Dog is plotting to Attack them.Admittedly the memories of 1941 still haunt the Russian Leadership but surely its time for them to move on – no-one West of them are going to execute an Attack any time soon – unless they know this and have done all along and they are actually looking East !.

Harry Bulpit

Very very true. Speak to most Russians and they will tell you how Russians are indoctrinates from birth to view all outsider’s as enemies. If they opened up more and we’re simply more friendly they would flourish.


They’re already well on the way to remove any conscription…


Whether this is the best bit of design or not, what the Russians can create and maintain on such a small budget is mind boggling


We can now add this one to Russia’s growing Arsenal of YouTube videos and models. No doubt we will see two in the air in the next 30 years and the Russians will claim full operating capability on its ability to level Hospitals in Third World War zones.


Very probably. One of their Generals has already admitted that the much vaunted Zircon Missile is like a sick child and does not work as advertised.
No surprise there yhen


Then…. Please give us an edit button!!!



We’ll see…


Paul T

B21- Ski indeed 👎


I didn’t realize it was April 1st


Intakes on the leading edge and tip fences? I thought these were points to avoid regarding stealth! Funny how for years the Russians were laughing at stealth tech and now they are adopting it. Speaks volumes!


Leading edge inlets can be ok, so long as they have “S” shaped ducts leading to the engine. One issue they do suffer from though is turbulence generated from the lower part of the intake, as the flow separates at high angles of attack. This problem also plagued the Nimrod and Vulcan, where it can cause compressor stall. The current B2 and future B21 probably suffer from this issue. Hence the auxiliary doors on the upper engine covers. However, it’s not like the B2 does aerobatics like the Vulcan did, so it’s not a major worry. Wing-lets are supposed to… Read more »


Looks somewhat like the Armstrong Whitworth AW 52 … 65 years late mind.


Sorry meant 75


At no point am I defending the Nazis, but when you look at what they had planned in the field of aircraft , it really amazes me how far ahead of the world they were during the 1940s


They weren’t though..
Most of the concepts were just that, back of the fag packet ideas that were best left there.
Take the Focke Wulf Ta-183, its regularly brought up as an example of how far ahead the Germans were. Only problem. It actually got built…as the FMA Pulqui II. And it was crap.
The Horten Ho.229 was also not a stealth aircraft.
The whole Luft 46 nonsense is for the Wehraboos.


You have to take Luft 46 in context. The Ta183 and Pulqui II are two fine examples. Focke Wulf designed the first requirement for a transonic fighter which became the 183 as early as 1942. However, by the end of the war only wind tunnel models had been produced, no static or flying examples. One of the head designers Kurt Tank went to Argentina after the war. The Pulqui project kicked off in 1947, with a very restrained jet powered design before the Pulqui II with the swept back wings was designed. However, due to the lack of any production… Read more »

Mr Bell

Cost? And can Russia actually afford the aircraft?

Darren Hall

Is it me, or is the resemblance to the Armstrong Whitworth AW-58 quiet strong. I just can’t help but see the AW58 when I look at those images.

You tube link.

And the wing-lets?
Just how stealthy will they be?, I understand them on the 1947 jet (pre computer aided flight) but on a modern aircraft?
Just how accurate are the pictures?

Barry Larking

If they build more than two or three I would be surprised. The spectre stalking Vladimir must be the memory of all those empty supermarket shelves that brought down the U.S.S.R. The Russian people want improved living standards not more gigantically expensive weapon systems for show.


That is a honking ac!