Saab has presented the latest developments in the Gripen programme for Brazil at a press briefing during the LAAD International Defence & Security Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil recently.

Saab presented several achievements during the past year, as well as an insight of upcoming milestones.

“The last year has been successful for the Brazilian Gripen programme. Among other things, we have installed both the Wide Area Display (WAD) and the engine on the first Gripen E for Brazil. This year, the first aircraft to Brazil will be delivered to start the flight test campaign in Linköping, Sweden”, said Mikael Franzén, head of business unit Gripen Brazil, in a news release after the update.

Last year the Swedish Air Force decided to equip their fighters with the WAD, the Head-Up Display (HUD) and the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), developed by the Brazilian company AEL.

“The Swedish and the Brazilian Gripen fighters will have the same configuration for the displays, harmonising the programmes. This means great savings to the aircraft maintenance and in future software development. This is really a good example of the successful collaboration between Saab and the Brazilian defence industry”, says Mikael Franzén.

The transfer of technology programme continues to advance say the firm. So far, 165 Brazilian engineers have been trained in Sweden and completed their technology transfer programmes. Most of them are now working at the Gripen Design and Development Network in the state of São Paulo.

GDDN was designed to serve as the technological development centre for Gripen in Brazil for Saab, Embraer and other Brazilian partner beneficiaries.

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Michael placenti
Michael placenti (@guest_462143)
2 years ago

I think that the Gripen E/F will be the best 4+ generation aircraft for countries on a budget that cant afford stealth aircraft it can handle modern day fighters as well as various attack missions a lot of thought went in to this design and its gaining success!!!

Peter tattersall
Peter tattersall (@guest_462244)
2 years ago

Wouldn’t like to be in this up against a typhoon or F35

Alan Reid
Alan Reid (@guest_462513)
2 years ago

Yes, sometimes called a Swedish F-16, Peter!

Expat (@guest_462232)
2 years ago

What really impressed me about Saab was there ability along with Boeing to turn out the TX trainer in 2 years. BAe could learn a thing or 2, took them as long to come up with the new wing for the Hawk, then wanted 100m to develop it. Shame BAe did maintain its stake in Saab.