Saab has signed a contract for delivery of the Giraffe 1X surface radar system. Due to confidentiality arrangement with the customer, Saab will release no further details of this order.

“This Giraffe 1X contract further underlines Saab’s position as a supplier of world-leading protection against a wide range of air threats. Saab’s new generation of highly mobile surface radars is what defence forces around the world are asking for,” says Anders Linder, head of Surface Radar Solutions within Saab Business Area Surveillance.

Giraffe 1X is a flexible and agile 3D active electronically scanned array radar, featuring the latest in radar technology, including gallium nitride (GaN) circuits. Compact and lightweight with unparalleled performance, Giraffe 1X is ‘suited for changing needs and mobile forces’.

The company say the complete radar is portable and can be transported on a pickup truck-sized vehicle.

Saab  recently unveiled two new classes of active electronically scanned array radar—three land-based systems (Giraffe 1X, Giraffe 4A and Giraffe 8A) and two naval variants (Sea Giraffe 1X and Sea Giraffe 4A) in X and S-band frequencies.

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colin (@guest_385627)
3 years ago
joe (@guest_385636)
3 years ago
Reply to  colin

No…. they will have their own radars….. the above tiny things are not suitable for a ship

Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones (@guest_385871)
3 years ago

I bet you its for the 2 Strike Brigade, thats if the UK is the customers

Rudeboy (@guest_436773)
2 years ago

Unidentified customers usually means UAE, Qatar, Vietnam or Azerbaijan…they seem to be the most secretive.