Saab has been awarded a contract to produce multispectral static camouflage systems for the Canadian Army.

Deliveries of the order will take place during 2019, say the firm.

The order contains a customer specific Woodland version of the Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Screen (ULCAS) and is a finalisation of a long-term contract, received in 2013.

“This order will provide the Canadian Army with the most advanced camouflage system in the world, which brings true multispectral protection against detection by hostile threats to the end user”, says Simon Carroll, Head of Saab Canada.

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Daniele Mandelli

Most advanced? How?

The things I read DSTL and DARPA are developing, or have developed, and in the Black world are straight out of science fiction.

Daniele Mandelli

What does the British Army use to screen assets from IR?


A giant cooling fan

Captain P Wash

Bin liners.
Actually, A test was done to see what was most effective at hiding a Human’s heat signature and Bin Liners were pretty good.
Don’t ask me where I saw it but It’s True.

Captain P Wash

Just remembered, It was on a “Stealth Camping” site. Many options were tested using NV and IR equipment.

Stealth camping is great fun and useful in times of war. I’m often to be (not) found on Dartmoor in my Ghillie suit, lurking in the mist !!!!

Daniele Mandelli

Actually I can imagine this….!

Mind the ground water and trench foot!

Daniele Mandelli

While lurking in your “hide” training for your “stay behind” role….

Captain P Wash

Ha, I learn’t it from some chaps who were reputedly Ace at being Sheep !

Dan Saff !



“Sorry mate, didn’t see you there…”


I wonder if anyone has actually been sued for claiming anything isn’t as advanced as the one someone else flogs. Its such a subjective and nebulous description. Bit like me claiming I am more passionate about this site than some of you lot. Clearly not true but I am not expecting to be receiving a cease and desist notice anytime soon… or will I.