Saab has received an order from the US Navy for the Sea Giraffe Multi Mode Radar for the Coast Guard’s offshore patrol cutter.  

This additional order exercises an option on an existing contract which was initially awarded in 2017 and includes multiple line item options for additional Sea Giraffe MMR systems.

The initial contract covers manufacturing, inspection, testing and delivery of the radars, which will be deployed on the Coast Guard’s Heritage class offshore patrol cutter.

Deliveries will take place between 2020 and 2021.

“The key to our success in the US is the combination of our efficient and flexible Sea Giraffe radar coupled with our technical expertise and understanding of the US customer’s needs and expectations”, says Anders Carp, Senior Vice President and Head of Saab business area Surveillance.

In addition to the offshore patrol cutter, Saab’s Sea Giraffe MMR radar is also being delivered for the Hershel Wilson Expeditionary Sea Base class ship, operated by the U.S. Military Sealift Command.

Saab’s Sea Giraffe variant referred to as AN/SPS-77 is currently being deployed on the U.S Navy’s Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships. Saab is also developing an AN/SPN-50 variant to meet the air traffic control needs of the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command for deployment on the Nimitz class aircraft carrier (CVN) and America- (LHA) and Wasp- (LHD) class amphibious assault ships.

Saab say it will carry out the work in Syracuse, NY in the U.S. and Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Daniele Mandelli

Nice looking vessel to my layman eyes.

Is that a UAV on the pad? Looks too small to be a helicopter.

Mike W

According to the cutters will have the capability of carrying an MH-60R or MH-65 (Sea Hawk) helicopter.

Daniele Mandelli

Even more impressive.


The OPC (Heritage Class) and NSC (Legend Class) both need the helicopter for SAR and drug interdiction so it is a standing requirement.

Daniele Mandelli

Makes sense. Thank you.


I would recommend Chuck Hill’s Coast Guard blog. It is a fascinating organisation.


Looks about right size of chopper for the kind they have m8


Should we arm our coastguard? Us coast guard Is part of America’s armed forces.


I’ve always advocated to consolidate all our maritime protection agencies i.e. Customs and Borders, Coastguard, Scottish Fisheries and whatever else into one larger unified coastguard who’s main purpose would be SAR, EEC Protection, Fisheries etc but also light patrol work against foreign vessels and protection against low-medium threats, so in my mind that would require a 30mm at least! I’d imagine a mixture between the current HM Coastguard(which would still keeps it current SAR duties) and I suppose the Canadian Coastguard(why isn’t it Royal??) would be one to look at for inspiration. The UK is one of the few nations… Read more »


It would be interesting to see the economics. I bet the government saves a fortune by having a largely volunteer coast guard that raises a lot of money through charitable giving. Customs and Border patrol is very specific and full time. If it was merged with the RN it would encourage the government to pretend we had a bigger navy than we do. But now these increasing patrol boats are starting the muddy the water. They are not war ships at all. Scottish fisheries prob only exists because of devolution and to pretend they have a navy.