Serco, the international services company, has been awarded a contract by the United States Air Force (Europe) (USAFE) to continue to deliver transportation and supply services across three UK sites: RAF Alconbury; RAF Molesworth; and RAF Croughton.

The contract is for five years and started on 1 March 2019, with each individual year to be exercised as an individual option within the overall framework.

Historically referred to as the AMC Contract, in an acknowledgement of the three RAF bases being supported, Serco has been delivering these diverse services to support the USAFE since 2004 and this was the third time that the company has successfully rebid the contract.

Commenting on the award, USAFE Director of Business Operations, Susan Fuller, who was responsible for the contract award stated:

“I am pleased to announce the award of the Transportation, Supply, and FMS Contract to Serco Ltd. I look forward to working with Serco in the future.”

Paul Mccarter, Managing Director of Serco’s Defence business, said:

“We are proud to be supporting the US Air Force in the UK and we are delighted to have won this contract for a fourth time running.  Our team is highly professional and they will continue to deliver an excellent service for the next five years.”

The services to be delivered include traffic management office functions (movement of personnel/equipment into or from AMC to worldwide destinations), cargo movements (internal UK), vehicle transportation to include schedules and unscheduled activities, furniture management services (provisioning in or moving out of household goods to properties throughout the UK), supply activities and vehicle maintenance, which has responsibility for the maintenance of a diverse fleet of c.400 US specification-vehicles ranging from security/police vehicles to fire engines.

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Well, is this a concerted plan to get the US to leave our bases….


I was under the impression that all three bases had been earmarked for closure along with the ludicrous decision to close Mildenhall? I understand Molesworth will remain open for RAF purposes?

Daniele Mandelli

I thought Alconbury was still closing, or what is left of it as most is now an industrial park.
If ever in the area check out the “Magic Mountain” bunker which has now been given preserved status.

Croughton had not been planned to close, indeed they were going to move other assets into it as it is a major communications hub, along with Barford nearby.

Molesworth’s closure has also been rescinded. I was not aware of the RAF planning to use it?


It said in that statement about the retaining of bases that it was going to be kept by the ‘MoD’. I don’t know if that means for British use, or if it is to retain its American presence?

Daniele Mandelli

Well the operations at Molesworth were in part to move to a new intelligence facility to be built at Croughton, but I have seen no new news on that.

The UK already has an equivalent nearby at Wyton.


According to ‘Defence Estate Optimisation Programme,’ RAF Molesworth will be retained to align with US requirements? Even beyond 2024? Someone whispered in my ear that there is more to this site than many locals, or the public in general know???

Daniele Mandelli


Thay is probably why it is retained. Have a look at Molesworth on Google earth. Plenty of clues.

Daniele Mandelli

Anyone else had problems getting on UKDJ this morning?

Site was down for me briefly and there are still no images.

Hi Daniele,
It was down for me too. I would hazard a guess that their image database/folder is not reachable, so all the article thumbnails are just appearing as a default/blank image
[email protected]

Hi M

Thank you.

Harry Bulpit

The majority of the us military is combat arms, where as most British service personnel work in support. Although yes we have a do use a lot of civilian contract.

Harry Bulpit

The majority of the us military is combat arms, where as most British service personnel work in support. Although yes we have a do use a lot of civilian contract.

Cam Hunter

I rather like the yanks having Air bases in the UK, then we get to see the visiting Bombers and the like and I supose we are protected by them also. It’s a shame so many UK airbases are being shut down and turned into dam car parks or business parks! We won’t have many RAF bases in the UK soon. We should preserve them.

Robert Blay

Why? To waste even more money that could be put to much better use, it is a great shame when airfields close, but they shouldn’t be kept open/ preserved just for the sake of it.

Daniele Mandelli

They should be, and are, transferred to the Army.

That way they could be used again if the need arises, and the Army get a big site with plenty of hardstanding.


Agree with you Cam Hunter: Having the US forces here is very important for our national security. When you think in the future there will be some 50 F35 A’s based here with US maritime aircraft working with our own Poseidon aircraft. Bolsters our own security.. No complaints from me.


I wish there was an RAF base with more exotic aircraft in the south west. Never see anything but Hercules, and Puma/merlins in Somerset. Not that seeing a Hercules flying low across the countryside isn’t great, but would love to see the occasional Typhoon or F35, hell even a hawk would be nice!