The Submarine Combat Systems Market is estimated to exceed USD 9.5 billion by 2025; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

The firm say that governments across the globe are focusing on enhancing and enlarging maritime warfare capabilities in their naval fleets.

Submarine Combat Systems Market

“The rising political disputes among countries, development of advanced submarine systems, and growing requirement to modernise the weapon systems will drive the submarine combat systems market. Additionally, growing usage of fast attack submarines coupled with advantages offered by this system such as stealth capabilities and faster operations will support the market growth.”

The report also advises that primary technological advancements of combat systems include usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and computed automation that enhances remote supervision and monitoring of submarines.

In addition, countries including Russia are developing advanced super-cavitating torpedoes. These torpedoes are propelled by rocket engines and attain high speeds of 200 knots an hour. These technical developments will further support penetration of submarine combat systems market over the study timeframe.

In the firm say that the European Submarine Combat System Market share will hold dominance over the study timeframe. The dominance can be attributed to the purchase of new submarines and modernisation of naval fleet by several countries.

“For instance, in 2016, the UK Defense Secretary approved the replacement of existing Vanguard submarines with four Dreadnought nuclear deterrent submarines. These submarines will be equipped with Trident D5 missiles and MK 48 torpedoes.”

Read more about the report here.

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maurice10 (@guest_462869)
2 years ago

Apart from the expansion of countermeasures against subs, the concept is still sound. There have been endless debates about the future of submerged weapons, and like similar nonsense talked about the demise of the MBT, it refuses to fade away.

Last week we read about the autonomous subs, and I firmly believe this will be the biggest expansion of the submarine concept since its inception.

Peter Crisp
Peter Crisp (@guest_462872)
2 years ago

With the last Astute expected to be commissioned in 2024 when will the design studies start for the replacements? I expect the design phase to last a good chunk of a decade so it shouldn’t be all that far into the future now.

GWM (@guest_462877)
2 years ago
Reply to  Peter Crisp

Early studies all ready underway expect Astute size with the PWR3 reactor and common propulsion system to Dreadnought.And it won’t be getting Mk 48 torpedoes either.

Peter Crisp
Peter Crisp (@guest_462880)
2 years ago
Reply to  GWM

Thanks :-).

T.S (@guest_462884)
2 years ago

I think we may be in the last few decades of subs as we know them. I would expect underwater warfare to go the same way as in the air and end up with smaller autonomous swarming platforms that overwhelm larger manned types. The manned platforms will be mothership types releasing the swarms just outside of weapons range of the opponent. The Boeing Echo is just the start of proving the technology.
Will Astute type subs be redundant 20-30 years? Could we save money by pumping the money otherwise spent on them into a large autonomous force?

Geoffrey Hicking
Geoffrey Hicking (@guest_462885)
2 years ago
Reply to  T.S

Astutes are designed/ future-proofed with the ability to release some swarms. They will essentially be proto-carrier subs.