Tornado and Typhoon jets hit four Islamic State positions south of Kirkuk, and a headquarters near Tikrit, according to officials.

According to a press release, action took place north-east of Dayr az Zawr, as a Reaper delivered three attacks on Thursday the 28th of September: Hellfire missiles hit a sniper team and another group of terrorists, whilst a GBU-12 was used to demolish a Daesh-held building. In northern Iraq, Tornados conducted a simultaneous attack with a Paveway IV and a Brimstone on a local terrorist command group who had been identified south of Kirkuk.

Tornados and Typhoons flew further missions south of Kirkuk the following day, when they hit a number of terrorists concealed in woodland, two entrenched positions, and a Daesh-held building. Our aircraft also used a single Paveway IV to destroy a small headquarters located in the hills to the north-east of Tikrit.

On Saturday 30 September, two Tornados, armed with Paveway IVs, destroyed a truck-bomb factory located on the southern bank of the Euphrates in western Iraq.

Recently it was revealed that Royal Air Force strikes have hit Islamic State 1,340 times in Iraq and 262 times in Syria since 2014, say officials.

So-called Islamic State, or ‘Daesh’, fighters are being pinned down by the Royal Air Force in their former stronghold of Raqqa say the Ministry of Defence as the UK marks three years of tackling the barbaric cult in Iraq and Syria.

Royal Air Force aircraft destroyed 17 targets in Syria in a single day last week as the air campaign intensifies, forcing Daesh to splinter and retreat from areas it ruled when the UK voted to begin air strikes in September 2014.

British aircraft have struck Daesh 1,340 times in Iraq and 262 times in Syria. In that time the group has lost territory, finances, leaders and fighters as the 73-member coalition has liberated cities in both countries.

Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, said:

“Britain has made a major contribution to the campaign that has crippled Daesh since 2014, forcing this miserable cult from the gates of Baghdad to the brink of defeat in Raqqa. By air, land and sea UK personnel have played a tireless role in striking targets and training allies.

As the second largest contributor to the Global Coalition’s military campaign, the UK has flown more than 8,000 sorties with Tornado and Typhoon jets and Reaper drones, providing strikes, surveillance and reconnaissance, refuelling and transport.”

Since 2014 the UK has hit Daesh with over 1,500 strikes, bombarding targets including heavy machine-gun positions, truck-bombs, mortar teams, snipers and weapons stores.

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3 years ago

More bomb sites for us to pay for later.

Why can’t the RAF use Predators and LMM? Less damage, less cost.