British Typhoon jets based at Ämari Air Base in Estonia launched on Monday to intercept two Russian transport aircraft that were flying near to Estonian airspace.

This is the sixth QRA scramble and intercept since the RAF took over enhanced Air Policing (eAP) from the German Air Force on the 3rd of May 2019 as part of Baltic Air Policing.

The lead pilot from XI (Fighter) Squadron said in a news release:

“We were scrambled to intercept an Antonov AN-24 Russian military transport aircraft (NATO Callsign ‘Coke’) that was flying in international airspace close to Estonia from the south.

Approximately ten minutes later we were re-tasked to intercept an additional Antonov AN-26 transport aircraft (‘Curl’) which was following the same routing as the first.

Both intercepts were routine and carried out in a safe and professional manner.”

The Royal Air Force is deployed on Operation AZOTIZE in Estonia in support of Baltic Air Policing.

The MoD say it operates in support of NATO to reassure allies and that this is a further demonstration of the UK’s commitment to the security of the region.

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Is it really worth the fuel to send a fast jet up to look at a transport plane..?

Rob Collinson

Surely, the aircraft are used in a rotation of be in readiness, in repair/service or being used for training.

It is likely that those aircraft may be flown on that day anyway.


pilots have to fly a minimum of hours a month or they lose their fast jet licence or something similar.


You are never sure exactly what type of aircraft it is until you VID it. Very hard to tell the difference between a transport and bomber just from ground radar returns.


From a strategic perspective – They’re informing the opponent of their presence – and showing them that their every move will be checked.

Dave Spencer

Loving the AoA on the Typhoon.


presumably flying at minimum speed….where are those tucanos?