Typhoon aircraft will fly from RAF Lossiemouth this evening to begin escorting an unidentified cargo aircraft.

The route is understood to take them over every village and town in the United Kingdom. It is expected the aircraft will enter our airspace not a moment before midnight.

The National Air Traffic Service have reportedly only given the aircraft clearance to fly over the homes of good girls and boys

According to a the MoD, the RAF also plan to deploy Voyager tankers in order to refuel the inbound aircraft.

Voyager, the RAF designation for the Airbus A330 MRTT, began air-to-air refuelling flights and made its first operational tanker flight in May 2013. The UK operates a total of 14 Voyager aircraft, 5 of which are leased for commercial purposes when not required.

In addition to fuel, the Voyager aircraft is also expected to transfer over some biscuits and a large quantity of Brandy on behalf of the British people.

This comes not long after the Royal Air Force was placed on high alert in the coming days in order to intercept and track flights from the Arctic region.

An MoD spokesman had this to say:

“Interception is part of what the QRA force do. We have to identify and confirm who or what is flying through our airspace or approaching our airspace and since the craft appears at the same time each year, we have a fairly good idea who will be flying but we don’t take any chances.”

The Ministry of Defence used satellites with infra-red sensors to track the aircraft last time this happened, it is understood that the heat from an animals red nose was clearly visible.

Merry Christmas from all here at the UK Defence Journal.

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I hope he visits the UK before heading the Spain. He mightn’t make it out.

andy reeves

well its not a secret mission now is it?especially as its splashed on this site ffs

The riddler

Almost as hilarious as the previous 50 articles

Cam Hunter

Merry Xmas mate.?

captain P Wash.

Just Ignore Us George, We’re all a bunch of Killjoys.

captain P Wash.

I’ve just called the Ambulance


Not as hilarious as the previous 50 articles ?

Ivan Kalot

I don’t get It.

Ivan Kalot

I don’t get it.

Alex T

A large glass of Sherry might bring illumination.

Steve Taylor

Fox two away………

Peter Bezemer

“splash, target destroyed”
oh deer…

Nick Bowman

We must have hypersonic Typhoons now, then…


The worst, most predictable, pointless and boring post this site does….EVERY YEAR. *facepalm*
Please stop.



Daniele Mandelli

Quite surprised Santa does not have stealth technology with a RAM covered Sleigh and heat surpressers on the Reindeers nostrils! He can be tracked far too easily.

Cam Hunter

He must have extreme stealth! No ones ever seen him or ever will see him!


Writing stories gets rather easy this time of year, well I say writing when I just mean copying and paste really.


Can we all keep our fingers crossed that Santa does not get grounded by a prat with a drone ( or even a drone related delusion) as my children would be devastated.

captain P Wash.

Don’t worry Jonothan, We have the best Air Defences In the World. We’re more than a match for a Tiny Weeny lickle “made in China” Toy . Hell Yes, We’re a Fortress Nation thanks to our Glorious Governments of the past couple of Decades. Yup, Totally Safe from such threats, Oh and don’t you Worry about them Pesky Russians with their 5000 Nuclear Missiles. ( do I sound Sarcastic, at all ? )

Nigel Collins

Merry Christmas to George and the team, and all contributors here on UKDJ.
Let’s hope Santa drops a few quid in the defence budget tomorrow!

captain P Wash.

Yes, Seconded. I love this Site, It’s like a second home. Merry Christmas and a really happy new year to everyone.

Daniele Mandelli

Seconded Nigel.

With one dishonorable exception who can jump in the bloody canal.

captain P Wash.

Heck, I really can’t Imagine who you could possibly be referring too Mrs Mandelli !!!! (It Is Mrs Isn’t It ? )

Daniele Mandelli

NO!!! It’s not…. lol

captain P Wash.

Ha… Lol


Happy Christmas and Season’s Greetings to our board members! I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a productive New Year.



Dave Dunlop

To all. Our “slightly worn” CF 18’s also have a secret mission tonight escorting the same UFO all across this large country of ours through 4 time zones!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the UKDJ family from Canada!!!!

Alex Rollin

R3DN053 Enroute…


It’s not Santa, it’s George V. We all know who really hands out the gifts in the commonwealth!


Oh no they don’t.


Amazed at some of the miserable bastards posting comments here! Cheer up ya pricks.