Eurofighter’s CEO has reportedly welcomed a report by the Royal United Services Institute think tank as ‘positive and encouraging’ according to various news outlets.

A British Typhoon in flight.
A British Typhoon in flight.

The report by Justin Bronk, found here, states that,

“The Eurofighter’s combination of high thrust-to-weight ratio, maneuverability at all speeds, 65,000-foot service ceiling, supercruise capability, powerful radar and large missile load ensures that it outclasses any currently operational fighter aircraft in the world with the exception of the US F-22 Raptor.”

The report also claims “Typhoon will provide the backbone of Europe’s combat air power for at least a decade on from 2020” and, if investment is continued, will be “more than a match for any enemy aircraft well beyond 2030”.

Gutierrez, Eurofighter’s CEO, said:

“We believe this report is positive and encouraging because it makes such a strong case for the aircraft. It also demonstrates the value of investing in Eurofighter which is a long-term investment in the defence and security of those nations who operate our combat aircraft. Recent investments in the Eurofighter Program around E-Scan radar, Brimstone, Storm Shadow and Meteor missiles and new launcher systems, have all been well-received.”

Seven countries have ordered Typhoons, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Oman, Spain, Austria and Saudi Arabia.

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Charles williamson
Charles williamson
6 years ago

Good article, I would like to know what other future enhancements are planned? I have seen things like the “typhoon 2020” with conformal fuel tanks, thrust vectoring etc just wondering if this stuff is just a mock up or actually going to be implemented? Thanks!