The United States and its allies are increasingly deploying F-35 fighters in the Indo-Pacific, in what is considered America’s “priority theatre.”

The advanced jets, operated from both land bases and aircraft carriers, are becoming the primary choice for airpower in the region.

According to a press release issued on 8 May, the deployment of these state-of-the-art jets is aimed at strengthening the U.S. presence and interoperability with allied forces across the Indo-Pacific. This strategic initiative includes maintaining a continuous presence of U.S. Marine and Navy F-35s in the area, which have recently been involved in joint operations, such as F-35B training with South Korean F-35As and F-35C operations aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

U.S. Air Force Col. James Buessing, whose unit has just completed a significant deployment to the Pacific, was quoted in the press release as saying, “When major events happen, we’re going to get the call to deploy the F-35.”

U.S. Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin III highlighted the enhanced cooperation, stating, “Indo-Pacom is working with our regional allies and partners like never before.” In line with this, the U.S., Australia, and Japan are planning extensive trilateral F-35 training sessions to be held in each of the three countries over the next two years.

The press release also revealed plans for a substantial increase in the number of F-35s stationed across the Indo-Pacific. By 2035, the region is expected to host over 300 U.S. and allied F-35s.

Tom has spent the last 13 years working in the defence industry, specifically military and commercial shipbuilding. His work has taken him around Europe and the Far East, he is currently based in Scotland.
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FormerUSAF (@guest_817756)
3 days ago

Hmmm…er…maybe. Let’s revisit the issue once Block 4 update is reality, F-35 has either LO conformal tanks/drop tanks and/or the USAF tanker fleet has been regenerated. It would also be REAL beneficial if B-21 and NGAD were both reality and a significant portion of any expeditionary air. In the interim, recommend, please, that US curb any bravado. The political-military elite could be writing checks the US military would be unable to cash, short of employing enough nukes to return the ChiComs back into the Stone Age. From this point forward, it would be extremely dangerous to underestimate ChiCom conventional capabilities.… Read more »

John (@guest_817880)
3 days ago
Reply to  FormerUSAF

Election year lol!

Math (@guest_817804)
3 days ago

F35 is simply not the right plane, it was made for Europe operation, not pacific operations. The engine is not correct, depleting too fast, too hot and not powerful enough. The cell is not flying right. The range is inadequate. Though, they are working hard on appropriate machine which all considered together could help immensely, like the liberty lifter, the v280, the B21 and the new long range fighter. After that, they’ll need a fleet of tanker for ferry range, some kind of docks, but it looks good. The road map USA has for air operation seems extremely promising to… Read more »