SEA’s Krait Defence Anti-Submarine Warfare system is taking a leap forward in capability with the final trials of the extended 150m ultra-thin towed array.

The new evolution of KraitArray uses multi-module assembly philosophy and is now established in-service for use with ASV, AUV and small surface vessels. This 150m KraitArray extends the range and increases the bearing accuracy enabling a full ASW capability on small ships and OPVs.

The final proving trial is being fully-funded by a major defence contractor to prove its entire range of capability including new high-sensitivity transducers. This project is set to increase the worldwide pedigree and ongoing development of KraitArray for ASW.

According to the company:

“The KraitArray now delivers similar performance to much larger and costlier towed arrays but is more efficient to launch and recover; minimising the footprint on the host vessel and handling requirements.

The modular construction of the KraitArray offers flexibility, resilience and is easily repaired or replaced on board, improving cost effectiveness, while offering extended life.”

SEA Managing Director Steve Hill explained:

“The drive towards unmanned surveillance of the seas makes the lightweight KraitArray a valuable tool for underwater sensing. It is also an ideal solution for smaller vessels which are unable to accommodate a traditional heavy towed array.”

The KraitArray is available to view at the UDT2018 exhibition in Glasgow.

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3 years ago

Every T31 should have these and keep the T26 with the compact Captas.

This would be a good solution for our medium capability vessel if the price and capability is right

Bloke down the pub
Bloke down the pub
3 years ago

Printed on the module in the image at the top of the page, it says the maximum tow speed is 8kn. This may be adequate for usv s operating in coastal waters but would seem to be a big restriction for a frigate operating in open ocean especially when compared to what other systems are capable of.
Still, that being said, it seems to have potential for increasing ASW capability .

3 years ago

Towed Array work when searching is Awfully Slow Warfare with you trolling around at a few knots.
However when you need to sprint to establish a new datum…8 knts aint going to cut it.

At 150m long its also not going to go that deep which means no deep sound channel for long range /convergence zone work. Even with a long tow cable Its is never going to be as good as a large passive array receiver.