The UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force conducted a demonstration of its capabilities in Estonia.

In Kolga Bay British and Estonian air, ground and naval forces combined for the first act of the final stage of the Baltic Protector deployment for political and military leaders of nine nations.


According to a news release:

“The demonstration opened with a pair of RAF Typhoon fighters screaming overhead, missing the trees by inches.

As spectator’s eyes followed the disappearing jets, a Merlin of the Commando Helicopter Force appeared over the water and eight Royal Marines ‘heli-casted’ – jumping from the helicopter into the choppy waters below before swimming towards two inflatable raiding craft that sped towards the Baltic coastline.


They silently dropped the marines on to the sand and as the men moved up the beach, an Estonian reconnaissance trooper emerged from the woods to guide the commandos ashore.”

As they rolled up to the outer perimeter, more Merlins, Wildcats and Apaches flew overhead and commandos ‘fast roped’ on to the ground to reinforce the outer cordo.

“We’re no longer in the game of opposed landings,” explained Major Sam Hughes, in charge of X-Ray Company, 45 Commando.


“We now have the ability to land at a time and place of our choosing before hitting the enemy where they least expect it. In this scenario, the Estonians had secured the beach and we moved in to reinforce their position.”

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Oscar Zulu

The ADF has been working up its amphibious group in the lead up to Talisman Sabre 2019 achieving a number of firsts. It’s the first time the two Canberra Class LHDs have operated together as a single amphibious force. In another first their LCM-E landing craft landed M113 APCs across the beach along with ASLAVs, while HMAS Choules’ mexeflotes have already been used to deploy M1A1 Abrams from ship to shore. All of the Australian army’s rotary platforms are now qualified on the Canberras with the Chinooks, MRH90s and ARH tigers conducting combined night operations for the first time. Depending… Read more »



Oscar Zulu

A small gallery of recent ADF amphibious operations for those interested.

All Australian Army combat helos are now qualified on the Canberra Class

HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide joint operations

Tiger, Taipan and Chinook conducting night ops on flight deck

M1A1 Abrams onboard mexeflote

Two M113 APCs onboard LCM1E