An ongoing QRA operation involving the UK, France and Denmark has been launched as Russian bombers fly over the North Sea.

This comes not long after an incident last week in which Typhoon fighter aircraft scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth, with an RAF Voyager from Brize Norton, to monitor two Russian Blackjacks over the North Sea.

The RAF said last time that they worked closely with NATO partners to monitor the Russian aircraft as they passed through a variety of international airspace before they were intercepted over the North Sea, which appears to be happening again today.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“Our brave RAF pilots have shown again that we are ready to respond to any threat to the UK. Alongside our NATO allies, we must remain vigilant and aware of Russian military activity.”

The RAF routinely identify, intercept and escort Russian aircraft that transit international airspace within proximity to the UK’s area of interest and continue to be on call every day.

This is the third time in as many weeks that RAF aircraft have taken to the air to investigate Russian activity over the North Sea, it is important to note that the aircraft expressed no intention to enter UK airspace at any point.

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captain P Wash

Nobody mention Sweets.

It’s all about goats today

Daniele Mandelli



I like Cadburys fruit and nut flavour!

they should be planting trees not hiding in them

bournville plain, orange and peppermint aero’s


I do like the White Swan, its a cool looking aircraft πŸ™‚

(see no mention of sweets)

captain P Wash

Ha, It’s more of an Animal Day today !!!!

Goats and Swans.

captain P Wash

There will be a Bear along in a while !


Onto track, and QRA, ix(B) squadron supposedly stood up last week (or at least officially switched to Typhoon.) Do we have any news, articles or heresay?

What was the bag of sherbert powder which came with a small lemon lollypop?

Captain P Wash

Dib Dab.

Captain P Wash

According to Wiki, 4 Tranche 1 Typhoons have taken over the role provided by the previous Tornado’s.

Sherbet Fountains were OK but I preferred Did Dabs because of the Lolly.

Daniele Mandelli

Saw a tweet from CAS to that affect, yes Julian1.

A bit of an artificial move to keep squadron numbers falling to 6, which is of course a good move.

Some aircraft to go with it to replace GR4 would be a better move!


whilst overall fleet numbers are reduced, those aircraft are at much higher states of readiness and availability which is something I guess. with Dambusters, this leaves us with 7 operational squadrons (not including 12(B) which would bring us to 8.)

Daniele Mandelli

Yes, 8 Squadrons.

I assume that 12B will become a full UK operational squadron once the Qatari’s are trained.

As before, when it was 5 Typhoon, 3 Tornado,
now 7 Typhoon, 1 Lightning.

Long term I expect, hope, for 5 Typhoon 4 Lightning.

Much higher readiness, yes I read of that too, and the new agreement with BAES.

Also means less of everything is worked harder and worn out sooner in a constantly diminishing fleet.

Oh well, highly capable at least.


Seriously do the Russians really expect an attempt at disguising this as a BBC bomber to fool anyone.


Subtle but funny, next you’ll see “fake news”