The UK is extending the deployment of Royal Engineers to the UN Mission in South Sudan for an additional year, until April 2020.

Defence Minister Lord Howe made the announcement at the 2017 United Nations Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial in Vancouver.

Defence Minister, Lord Howe, said:

“We remain unwaveringly committed to international peace and security and this extension is a demonstration of that.

It’s all part of the UK’s efforts to deliver stability worldwide, which will help tackle issues like terrorism and mass migration, keeping us safe at home as well as improving lives internationally.”

The MoD say the UK is also cooperating closely with Vietnam’s first UN troop deployment, as they prepare to take over the running of a field hospital in South Sudan from the UK next year.

According to a press release, the announcement came at the ministerial where representatives from around 80 countries and five international organisations met with the aim of improving the conduct of peacekeeping, including training, equipment, leadership and rapid response capability.

“Reflecting this year’s additional focus on partnerships, Lord Howe also signed a statement of intent with Bangladesh to sell two RAF C130J transport aircraft to the Bangladeshi Air Force, with the revenue being reinvested back into UK defence. The C130Js will help Bangladesh play a leading role in UN Peacekeeping Missions in the coming years.”

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Stuart Willard
Stuart Willard (@guest_391331)
3 years ago

Well that’s handy as and when there is a natural disaster in the UK Bangladesh will now be well equipped to help supply humanitarian aid.

David (@guest_391335)
3 years ago
Reply to  Stuart Willard

He also never said how much we sold them for…….

Stephen Dak
Stephen Dak (@guest_391417)
3 years ago

Dear minister Howe, your role is greatly appreciated by those you have never known existed if not by the country leaders. I am here saying even just as an individual who may not seem significant at some point I am more than grateful for your presence in South Sudan in particular because that would mean some survivors from my family of those who are still living. Those who are dead already gone but somehow you international communities are entrusted with those alive.

Taff (@guest_391463)
3 years ago

It has more to do with oil. Ask why the queen had to visit Ethiopia so often. The Uk handed Eritrea to Ethiopia 2 years into a 10 year protectorate in exchange for Ethiopia’s assistance in gaining control of the south Sudanese oil fields.

Taff (@guest_391465)
3 years ago

It should have read “a 10 year UN protectorate”.