Over the next few months over 2,500 British troops will train with their French counterparts, participating in exercises spanning Eastern Europe to Kenya.

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A leading French political figure, OK it was Macron himself, recently revealed he thought the French – UK military alliance was more important than Germany’s flawed plans for the future of the EU.
This got no coverage on the anti Brexit BBC.

Mr Bell

France are now the best military power in Europe. We have allowed our armed forces to be cut back to the point of ineffectiveness. We have too many massive capability gaps.
really sad state of affairs. In years gone by governments would fall, now our fellow citizens have no notion or clue on defence matters and blindly assume everything is ok.

Steven Jones

Yeah ? Well we have nukes so there. Oh, wait……


The head of the French armed forces, who resigned because of French government defence cuts which he claimed would leave France incapable of defending itself,probably wouldn’t agree that France is Europe’s leading military power.
But he probably hasn’t read some of the shite from Steven and Mr Bell on here….?

Nick Bowman

Normally, I tend to agree with Mr. Bell, but not this time. The military forces of the U.K. are very much comparable with those of France in terms of quantity. The qualitative edge goes to the U.K. Both countries spend about the same amount. Neither gets good value for their defence budget.