A Royal Navy-led force which safeguards merchant shipping in the Middle East has moved into new operational headquarters.

The ROyal Navy say that Coalition Task Force Sentinel was established in the autumn of 2019 to provide additional security and reassurance to tankers and cargo vessels at a time of heightened tensions in the region.

RN-led Gulf Task Force opens it's new HQ

“The International Maritime Security Construct consists of eight nations – the UK, Australia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, and USA – all committed to ensuring the safe passage of shipping. They provide either personnel or military assets – warships, patrol vessels and aircraft – for the Sentinel Task Force, among them Plymouth-based frigate HMS Montrose which is deployed to the Gulf region long-term in a pilot initiative, alongside her sister HMS Argyll on a regular Middle East deployment.

The HQ has operated from two large air-conditioned tents throughout its first nine months, but has now moved into more fitting facilities at the US Naval Base in Bahrain.
The new and improved operations centre will improve the flow of information and allow for greater coordination in tracking merchant shipping as it passes through key waterways in the Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and Gulfs of Oman and Aden.”

An estimated six million barrels of oil and nearly 3.5 billion cubic feet of liquid natural gas pass through these waters and the Bab-el-Mandeb narrows into the Red Sea each day.

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Albania? I wonder what assets they provide?

Gavin Gordon

Considering just a couple of decades back they would have incarcerated you (or worse) for straying within their territorial waters, I feel this is something of an improvement!


They’ve got a few cutters and OPV’s, maybe they’ve sent one down to help?


Possibly just personnel. I should think that they could have some useful input given how effective they used to be at patroling their own waters. I remember being warned not to stray too close to Albania when hiring a small motor boat on holiday in Crete. The guy was being serious as well.

Cheers CR


They provide the transportation to remove any drug busts…….and ensure it gets onto the streets of the UK ASP! Albanian speciality is class A distribution and currency dispersion, methinks they may also provide the AGC clerks doing pay toll 😇


Toll….bloody roll!!!

Kevin Banks

Ahhh. Bahrain. Where you went for a poop or a pee half way along a pier and could see the sea beneath your feet. Hope things have improved now.


Massive investment in new piers and finger jetty and a force protection floating barrier around the lot. The waterfront facilities cover engineering, logistics and accom facilities and for the most part are all new ish being around 5-10 years old.


i spent a year at hms jufair in 1968. it was a tidy base but with limited docksside facilities. the USA had an ancient warship anchored there, not much else.


They have a bit more now. Cyclone class. PCs MCMVs MKVI patrol Boats… Then there is the Brit Base next door with LSA, T23, MCMVs and the Bahrain DF with an OHP frigate, corvettes FACs and landing craft.


Can’t fault the Baltic nations, they turn up for these gigs and are active players


Yeh, I’ve noticed that as well. You definately get the impression they are enjoying their freedom and are investing time and energy (an some treasure) in developing relationships they can rely on. I guess having a restless bear next door would tend to focus minds.

Cheers CR


Correct mate, mostly good lads as well, small but pretty capable and committed! CR is correct, having experienced the Russkie bear for many years and having it still growling at your borders certainly focuses the mind.


No Com- I mean friend.
The Estonians, Lithuanians and Latvians all wanted to join the glorious soviet union, that’s why they voted to join yes? And also why many of them fought in the Red Army… uh… against the Estonians, Lithuanians and Latvians in the SS and Wehrmacht… After all who wouldn’t want to be part of soviet union.

Finland also wanted to join soviet union but was betrayed by capitalist warmongerers.


Not the Estonian lads I worked with, or the Lithuanians! They hate the Russkies! Anyway Dern methinks your post was written with a little sarcasm? Or am I reading it wrong? Lol


Glory to Arstotzka comrade.

Meirion X

The Baltic States were once Independent between 1918 and 1941, after winning their liberty from the Bolsheviks, whom were no different from the Tsaren
Imperialists as for retaining an empire.
Invaded by Nazi Germany in 1941, and captured by the Soviet Union by 1945.


Why do people have to play down the mickey mouse angle.?

There is us, USA, Australia, Saudi for starters. And obviously there is investment in base facilities. It’s all doing a good and important job. Why decry it. We are making an important point.