Two US Air Force F-35A Lightning aircraft conducted an air strike at Wadi Ashai, Iraq.

The sortie was in support of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve and was conducted on the 30th of April 2019.

The F-35As conducted the airstrike using a Joint Direct Attack Munition to strike an entrenched Daesh tunnel network and weapons cache deep in the Hamrin Mountains, a location able to threaten friendly forces.

“We have the ability to gather, fuse and pass so much information that we make every friendly aircraft more survivable and lethal,” said Lt. Col. Yosef Morris, 4th Fighter Squadron commander and F-35A pilot.

“That, combined with low-observable technology, allows us to really complement any combined force package and be ready to support AOR contingencies.”

According to a statement regarding the sortie, the F-35As joined the Combined Forces Air Component team in the U.S. Central Command area of operations on April 15th.

“We have been successful in two Red Flag exercises, and we’ve deployed to Europe and Asia,” said Morris.

A central tenant to the F-35A’s design is its ability to enhance other battlefield assets.

“The F-35A has sensors everywhere, it has advanced radar and it is gathering and fusing all this information from the battlespace in real time,” said Morris.

“Now it has the ability to take that information and share it with other F-35s or even other fourth generation aircraft in the same package that can also see the integrated picture.”

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Mike Saul

Any one still arguing the F35 is a waste of money?

Harry Bulpit

Why because after billions of pounds and years of set backs it managed to drop a bomb on a tunnel in the desert. Something fourth generation aircraft have been doing for decades. I’m not anti f35 but i think a more challenging test is needed in order to prove its worth.


Aye, very good…F35 a positive bargain, billions of £s and loads of issues/setbacks. Tornado could never drop a bomb or hit a target right…they were useless 😉

This to me screams, quick get the F35 doing something/anything so the bean counters cant shout and scream about when are we gonna see this flying money pit do something useful and earn all the billions its cost!


More like “quick get the F35 doing something/anything” because everything else is quickly becoming too old and/or obsolete… such is the sloth of large-scale defence projects.

Nigel Collins

First flight 15 December 2006 (F-35A)

“Stealth F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Has Some Serious Problems: Report”

Nigel Collins

The Israelis have already successfully flown the F-35I in combat missions. The USAF is just late to the “party.”